Schools & Colleges Key Links & Resources

To support education settings in Wakefield, we have listed key links and resources specific to safeguarding in education.

This page is regularly updated so please revisit on a frequent basis.

You will find links to:

  • Advice & Support for Children and Parents
  • Classroom & Lesson Plans
  • Guidance & Support for School / Colleges and Staff
  • Learning from Reviews
  • Posters, Booklets & Newsletters
  • Resources
  • Specific Topics

In addition to this page, the Professionals section has a host of further information, resources, forms, toolkits and guides on a range of safeguarding topics which will be of use to all education settings.

Please, sign up to the free WSCP E-Bulletin, which will provide you with all the latest information, resources, training in relation to safeguarding children in Wakefield on a monthly basis.

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Specific Topics

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