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We make every reasonable effort to ensure we make the adhere to the law and operate within the Data Protection Act 1998. As such any personal information we collect is processed lawfully, correctly, kept securely and is retained no longer than needed.

Data Collection

We have two data collection points on this website: the home page online survey tool, and the Multi-Agency Training booking form.

The survey tool is operated and hosted by Survey Monkey, which provides security of all collected information. During collection, all data is submitted directly to Survey Monkey’s secure server and does not interact with the website server.¬†At regular intervals, the website will collect the survey responses into a secure area for reporting purposes. At no point is any of the data submitted to the survey made publicly available on this website.

The Multi-Agency Training booking form allows users to supply contact information in order to request a placement on one of our upcoming training courses. All supplied information is transferred over a secure connection to our database which is only available to authorised users of the Wakefield & District Safeguarding Children Board. A copy of the contact information is also emailed directly to the training co-ordinator at the Wakefield & District Safeguarding Children Board.

All collected information is for the sole use of the Wakefield & District Safeguarding Children Board and it’s associated partners.

Cookies Policy

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We primarily use cookies for Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a tool to help us analyse user activity on our website (such as number of visitors in a day), and helps us to improve the website for overall user experience. Full information about Google Analytics Cookies can be found here: Google Analytics Cookie Usage.

Cookies are used on this site.

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