Where can I get help?

Are you a child or young person living in Wakefield and looking for some help or worried about a friend?

We know that it can be hard to talk about your feelings or express what is happening to you or someone you care for.

When you are worried, talking to somebody can make you feel better and improve the situation you are experiencing. In Wakefield there are services which can give you the right help when you need it.

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    You may be worried about ...

    – family problems

    – bullying

    – sexual or criminal exploitation

    – mental health

    – self harm and/or suicidal thoughts

    – physical health

    – gangs

    – school

    – alcohol or drugs

    – radicalisation

    – abuse

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    Because you feel embarrassed? Won’t be taken seriously? Don’t trust anyone enough to talk to? Think people won’t understand?

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    You could talk to somebody you can trust such as:

    – a friend?

    – parent or carer?

    – another family member?

    – a doctor?

    – a youth worker?

    – a social worker?

    – a teacher?

    – a school nurse?

    – a police officer?

Who else can help me?

If you or somebody you know needs immediate help because you're in danger please visit the Worried About a Child page to know what to do next.

In Wakefield there are a number of organisations that you can contact to help make the situation better. Some of these services are listed below.

Compass it the emotional and wellbeing service for the districts children and young people. Staff will offer a range of advice, support and education on emotional health matters, using text, web-based and face-to-face methods to engage young people and families.

Young people will have access to a texting hotline service called SHOUT, with the new dedicated Wakefield hotline staffed by real workers, responding in real time.

Visit the Compass website for further information.

Visit Compass

For advice and support to children and young people. Phone 0800 1111 or visit the ChildLine website.

Watch this short video which explains what happens when you call ChildLine.

Visit Child Line

A children’s charity that gives practical advice to young people about bullying and keeping safe.

Visit The Kidscape website for further information.

Visit Kidscape

A safe space for teenagers worried about sexual behaviour.

Designed especially for young people aged 13-18, Shore is a dedicated and confidential resource tailored for teenagers concerned about their own or someone else’s sexual thoughts and behaviour.

Visit Shore

How To Help My Difficult Feelings

How To Help My Difficult Feelings

This booklet talks about difficult thoughts and feelings that you or a friend may have felt. If anything in the book makes you feel sad or upset, please talk to a grown up straight away.

Click here to read the booklet.

Managing Difficult Feelings

Managing Difficult Feelings

What are suicidal thoughts and feelings?

If you are having suicidal thoughts you may think it’s the only way to escape what you feel is an impossible situation, you just want things to stop getting worse.

You are not alone! Many young people have experienced or are going through these types of thoughts and feelings even if they don’t show it. Thinking about suicide is more common than we realise.

For a guidance booklet please click here.

For more information and support, please click here.

Turing Point Inspiring Futures is a specialist drug and alcohol service for under 25s. To find out more about what Turning Inspiring Futures offer, visit the Turning Point website.

Visit Turning Point

Confidential helpline for young people experiencing feelings of distress or despair call 08457 90 90 90.

Visit The Samaritans website for further information.

Visit The Samaritans

CAMHS stands for child and adolescent mental health services. CAMHS are the NHS service that offers support and treatment for children and young people, aged up to 18 years old, who are experiencing difficulties with their mental health and wellbeing.

If you’re a professional, a young person aged 16 to 17 or a parent or carer of a child or young person under the age of 18, you can contact the Wakefield CAMHS Single Point of Access team directly:

Monday to Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm, on 01977 735865.

For further information and to make an online referral visit the Wakefield CAMHS website.

Visit Wakefield CAMHS

Wakefield Council have a number of services which can help you and are have a responsibility to make sure you are protected against harm. If you have an urgent safeguarding issue call 0345 8503 503.

Visit Wakefield Council website for further information.

Visit Wakefield Council

Wakefield Families Together brings services together, to join up how they work, so that it’s easier for you to find and access the support you need, at the earliest opportunity.

Visit Wakefield Families Together website for further information.

Visit Wakefield Families Together

If you or somebody you know is in immediate danger you should call 999. Should you need to report a crime or incident that does not require an immediate response call 101.

Visit West Yorkshire Police website for further information.

Visit West Yorkshire Police

WF-I-CAN is an online resource for children and young people in Wakefield where you can find information and advice as well as self-help tips that can increase your confidence and resilience.

Visit the WF-I-CAN website for further information.

Visit WF-I-CAN

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