Schools & Colleges Key Links & Resources

To support education settings in Wakefield, we have listed all the key links and resources specific to safeguarding in education to help with your arrangements.

This page is regularly updated so please ensure you monitor on a frequent basis and has a search function (ctrl + f) to find what you're looking for.

You will find links to:

  • Advice & Support for Children and Parents
  • Classroom & Lesson Plans
  • Guidance & Support for School / Colleges and Staff
  • Learning from Reviews
  • Posters, Booklets & Newsletters
  • Resources
  • Specific Topics

In addition to this page, the Professionals section has a host of further information, resources, forms, toolkits and guides on a range of safeguarding topics which will be of use to all education settings.

Further, sign up to the free WSCP e-Bulletin, which will provide you with all the latest information, resources, training in relation to safeguarding children in Wakefield on a monthly basis.

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Specific Topics

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