Multi-Agency Resources & Recorded Training

There are a host of videos, podcasts and presentations across a range of different safeguarding topics which can be accessed on demand.

To access them please view a specific section (use the 'on this page' drop down menu to quickly view a section) and click 'access here'.

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Child Exploitation

Child Sexual Abuse / Exploitation

  • e-Learning: Keep Them Safe: Protecting Children from Child Sexual Exploitation by Virtual College
  • e-Learning: SARSAS: Responding to disclosures of sexual violence or abuse
  • e-Learning: SARSAS Self-help guide to trauma & recovery for survivors of sexual abuse or rape
  • External Training: Ivison Trust
  • Podcast: Child Sexual Abuse Material (there is no such thing as child pornography)- Vicki Maybin
  • Podcast: Cultural barriers to disclosing child sexual abuse by Co Race Equality Taskforce
  • Guidance: For organisations and victims of Child Sexual Abuse from Marie Collins Foundation
  • Podcast: Sibling Sexual Abuse - The Last Taboo?
  • Resources: The Sibling Sexual Abuse Project
  • Video: Adolescence Vulnerabilities, Risk and Exploitation  A case study from Children Vulnerable to Exploitation Team – Michelle Leadbetter
  • Video: Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) – Esther Bottomley, Spectrum
  • Video: Identifying & Responding to Concerns of Child Sexual Abuse (Centre of Expertise on Child Sexual Abuse)

Child Criminal Exploitation, including County Lines

  • Podcast: Criminal exploitation with Rebecca Weaver by Safeguarding Days
  • Resources: Knife Crime
  • Video: Child Criminal Exploitation: The Local Picture – Detective Sergeant Charlie Manson
  • Video: Child Criminal Exploitation raising awareness in Wakefield

Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking

  • e-Learning: ECPAT UK Training on Child Trafficking
  • Video: General Awareness of Modern Slavery – Amy Morris
  • Video: Modern slavery and human trafficking by National Crime Agency

Harmful Sexual Behaviour

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Contextual Safeguarding

  • Contextual Safeguarding: Network Resources – a range of short videos & podcasts
  • Video: The Principles of Contextual Safeguarding
  • Video: Language and Contextual Safeguarding
  • Video: An Introduction to Contextual Safeguarding
  • Video: Rewriting the rules of Child Protection
  • Resource tool: Your Guide to Contextual Safeguarding

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Domestic Abuse, including Forced Marriage, Honour Based Abuse & FGM

Domestic Abuse

  • Podcast: Children never just witness Domestic Abuse by NSPCC Learning
  • Podcast: Domestic Abuse by Safeguarding Days
  • Podcast: Experiences of domestic abuse as a child and mental ill health by SafeLives
  • Podcast: Domestic Abuse and Coercive Control
  • Video: Real Life Domestic Abuse Story Ted Talk – Emma Murphy
  • Video: Why Doesn’t she just Leave? Women’s Refuge – Women’s Refuge
  • Video: Domestic Abuse & COVID-19 – Anna Tomlinson
  • Video: Domestic Abuse Act 2021- Wakefield Strategic Domestic Abuse Team

Forced Marriage, Honour Based Abuse & FGM

  • e-learning; Female Genital Mutilation – Recognising & Preventing FGM by Home Office & Virtual College
  • Video: Forced Marriage & Honour Based Abuse – Kerry Murphy
  • Podcast: FileOn4 Mama Sylla's FGM Story
  • Online Training: Awareness of Forced Marriage Virtual College
  • Online Training: Building Confidence to challenge Honour Based Abuse and Forced Marriage

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Emotional Wellbeing

  • Podcast: Talking mental health (how to talk to children about it) Dr Rangan Chatterjee talks to Matt Haigh
  • Podcast: How our childhood shapes every aspect of our health with Dr Gabor Mate by Feel Better, Live More with Dr Rangan Chatterjee
  • accessing the new children and young people’s support website – Denise Wheatman & Emily Castle
  • Video: Brief Introduction to Resilience Framework – Denise Wheatman & Emily Castle
  • Video: Children & Young People Emotional Well Being – Denise Wheatman & Emily Castle
  • Video: Hunger: A practical resource for family practitioners on physical and emotional hunger – Karen Thomas, Registered Dietitian
  • Video: Self-Harm – An animated film by young people NHS Foundation Trust – Made for Tees Esk & Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust
  • Video: Sleep and Health: Optimising sleep potential for physical and emotional wellbeing – Sarah Kendrick
  • Video: Words Can Hurt - by Childline
  • Compass Website: Emotional & Mental Wellbeing service, across the Wakefield District for Children & Young People

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  • LGBTQ+ people and domestic abuse
  • Podcast: Safeguarding Transgender Children
  • Video: Mike’s Story by Barnardo’s
  • Webinars: Working with the Seldom Heard the LGBTQ+ community by Working Together Training & Development Programme
  • NEW: Wakefield Council Inclusive Language glossary

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  • Video: Trauma: A Lifespan Perspective (SGW June 2023)
  • Video: Perplexing Presentations and Fabricated or Induced Illness (Feb 2023)
  • Video: NWG Transitions from adolescence to adulthood (SGW June 2022)
  • Video: Children Vulnerable to Exploitation (March 2022)
  • Video: Safeguarding Babies & Infants (Sep 2021)

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  • Video: Michelle's story - LSCBx3
  • Video: 'How to' guide to the WSCP Neglect Toolkit – Karron Zelei
  • Videos: Neglect, during the pandemic – Jan Horwath
  • Video & Slides: Child Neglect and Poverty Aware Practice – Dr Susannah Bowyer
  • Theraputic interventions after abuse or neglect

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Online Safety

  • Podcast: Groomed through gaming: The murder of teenager Breck Bednar by Safeguarding Days
  • Podcast: How social media could be making you ill by Feel Better, Live More with Dr Rangan Chatterjee
  • Video: Summary of Pixels from a Crime Scene: It’s not too big a problem to solve by Internet Watch Foundation
  • Video: Kids Educating Kids – West Yorkshire Police
  • Video: Using the Internet Safely – West Yorkshire Police
  • Video: The Dark Web, Explaining some of the Mysteries – David Tidman
  • Video: Responding to Online Challenges by UK Safer Internet Centre
  • Online safety live events
  • Interactive 4-7s Website featuring Jessie & Friends

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Professional Curiosity & Challenge

  • WSCP Professional Curiosity & Challenge Learning Briefing
  • YHMAST Professional Curiosity Conference Sessions, March 2023:
    • Contemporary research around the importance of professional curiosity
    • Supervising a professionally curious workforce
    • Understanding the digital world
    • Disrupting the digital world
    • Disguised compliance
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Public Health Resources via Wakefield Traded Services

Here you will find resources and information from the Public Health Team.

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Radicalisation / Prevent

  • e-Learning; Prevent Awareness by HM Government. Home Office
  • Video: Prevent Awareness in Wakefield District
  • Resources: Act Early & Referral Forms

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Safeguarding training, approaches & processes

Safeguarding Training

  • Video: Working Together to Safeguard Children – Basic Awareness Karron Zelei
  • Face-to-Face Training: Working Together - A Shared Responsibility

Approaches and Processes to help Safeguard Children and Families in Wakefield

  • Resource: Giving evidence in court
  • Video: Early Help Support Planning, A case study showing how a SMART Safety Plan was developed to improve outcomes for families – Ellie Cooper
  • Video: Multi-agency Safety Planning – SMART Planning – Karron Zelei
  • Video: How Restorative Approaches have been used in CYPS and the Story so far… – Elloise Beever
  • Video: The Wakefield Resilience Framework, produced for Wakefield Public Health and Young Lives Consortium
  • Video: What is the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH)?
  • Video: Working with Fathers & Male Carers – Martin Honnor
  • Video: Managing Allegations Against Staff

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Self Harm & Suicidal Ideation

  • e-Learning: We need to talk about Suicide by Health Education England & Public Health England
  • e-Learning: Talking to Your Children About Emotional Resilience and Self-Harm by Virtual College & Self-Harm UK
  • Training: Suicide Awareness from Zero Suicide Alliance
  • Video: Understanding Non-Suicidal Self Injury
  • Video: Turning to Self-Harm
  • Video: Self-Harm Animation

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  • Video: What are the challenges for professionals? Kate Reed and Kim Liddle
  • Video: The Silent Child by Slick Films
  • WESAIL Service Information

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Substance Misuse

  • Cannabis Edibles & Safeguarding Children and Young People by West Yorkshire Police Drugs Intelligence Team
  • Who's in Charge? - Alcohol Awareness Campaign
  • Smokefree Wakefield - the latest advice from Public Health
  • Turning Point Inspiring Futures links
  • Talk to Frank resource

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  • Working definition of trauma informed practice by GOV.UK
  • e-Learning: ACEs – Introduction to Adverse Childhood Experiences by Public Health, Home Office, West Midlands PCC, West Midlands Violence Prevention Alliance
  • TED Talk: How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) Dr Nadine Burke Harris
  • Video: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) by Public Health Wales
  • Video: Childhood Trauma and the Brain by UK Trauma Council
  • Video: Child Trauma: Repl’ACE’ing the context by Cath Knibbs
  • Video: Poly Vagal motorway of wellness by Cath Knibbs
  • Video: Understanding trauma: Learning Brain vs Survival Brain

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Wakefield Families Together Leadership Programme 2024

  • Wakefield Families Together Leadership Programme Resource Page
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Young Babies & Infants

  • Presentation: Infant Mental Health by Jane Turner – Parent Infant Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist
  • Podcast: The Invisible Voice of Children NSPCC
  • Video: ICON: Babies Cry, You Can Cope! Programme by Sarah Booth
  • Video: Multi-Agency Pregnancy & Assessment Group (MAPLAG) – Angela South
  • Video: Safer Sleep for Babies by Lullaby Trust
  • Video: Safer Sleeping: reducing the risk of sudden infant death due to ‘Overlay’ – Sharon Harvey

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Young People

  • Podcast: How to build effective relationships with adolescents
  • Presentation: Young Carers
  • Video: Identifying Young Carers & how to access support in Wakefield
  • Video: Pornography, Impact, Research & Resources – Vicki Maybin
  • Video: Risk, Resilience & Relationships: Safeguarding Adolescents into Adulthood – Dez Holmes
  • Video: Safeguarding Teenagers – Sarah Henry
  • Brook Sexual Behaviours Traffic Light Tool
  • NSPCC How to have difficult conversations with Children & Young People

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