Substance Misuse

Information and signposting to useful resources on harmful use of substances

The use of substances such as alcohol, drugs and smoking can be detrimental or destroy the lives of both the user and their families and peers. Shifts in behaviours can depend on trends, lifestyle, and everyday living, particularly in today’s climate when the cost of living is high. When supporting young people and their wider network, some of the resources below may be of help.

Find local help

If you are worried that a young person may need help with substance misuse you can visit Turning Point, Inspiring Futures or directly make a referral here.

To find out more visit Wakefield Inspiring Recovery or take a look at some of the many more resources available to practitioners.

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Drugs and their risks

Talk to Frank

Talk to Frank

FRANK is a free drug advice service that is aimed at parents and children in particular. It is available 24 hours a day and online and by text message.

We know that the use of cannabis in particular has become somewhat normalised in society today; to find out more, visit Frank or download the cannabis stories leaflet here

Take a look at for honest information on all drugs, their effects and the law.

Cannabis Edibles

A short but very informative presentation from West Yorkshire Drugs Intelligence Team 2022

All you need to know to safeguard children and young people around the dangers of using cannabis edibles.

Who's in charge?

Hard hitting alcohol awareness campaign from Birmingham Safeguarding Children Partnership

This award winning campaign was in response to increasing concerns that growing numbers of babies and children were at risk of serious harm because of the way some parents and carers consume alcohol, both at home and at outdoor gatherings. The campaign urges parents, and others with responsibility for children, to be aware of a range of potentially dangerous consequences if no adult remains sufficiently sober and aware of children’s needs or whereabouts. 

To view the presentation slides click here

Take me to the website for more information

Download the Who's in Charge? resources (videos, posters, photos) here

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