Young People

Access a range of recorded presentations in relation to safeguarding young people

Brook Sexual Behaviour Traffic Light Tool

Brook’s nationally recognised Sexual Behaviours Traffic Light Tool and training provides a highly visible, multi-agency response that helps professionals to identify, understand and respond appropriately to sexual behaviours in young people.

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NEW How to have difficult conversations with Children & Young People

This blog will give some useful guidance to those who work and volunteer with children and young people

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Presentation: Risk, Resilience & Relationships: Safeguarding Adolescents into Adulthood

Adolescent safeguarding is an area of practice that has undergone change in recent years, as we now understand how young people are more likely than younger children to experience risk and harm from outside the family – known as ‘extra-familial’ harm.

A 30 minute video from Dez Holmes, Director at Research in Practice, on supporting young people to transition to adulthood and safeguarding from harm.

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NEW Presentation: Young Carers

by Karen Wilkinson & Emily Newton

Covering the following topics: What is a young carer? How do I identify a young carer? How can I help a young carer?

Please note this presentation has no audio.

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Identifying Young Carers & how to access support in Wakefield

Produced by Emma Newton, Young Carers Lead Practitioner, Wakefield Council

  • What is a Young Carer
  • Young Carer Indicators and how to provide support in schools
  • Wakefield’s Current Young Carer Local Offer
  • Overview of young carer pathway and how to refer into the service

Safeguarding Teenagers

Sarah Henry 60 mins

  • Examine the key safeguarding concerns for teenagers
  • Think about what makes teenagers vulnerable
  • Explore the link been mental health and safeguarding
  • How can we effectively safeguard teenagers
  • Consider best practice and how best to engage with the older child and explore what they might need from the professionals around them.

Pornography, Impact, Research & Resources

Vicki Maybin, Advisor to Education, WSCP

Looking at the impact, research and resources available in the UK to tackle this increasing safeguarding issue. 43 mins


How to build effective relationships with adolescents.

Katie Howells a Child Protection Social Worker discusses how we can develop effective relationships with adolescents which can be a challenging age to work with.

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