Domestic Abuse, including Honour Based Abuse & Forced Marriage

Please find below some useful online resources produced by a number of organisations to aid your learning and development in relation to Domestic Abuse.


Children never just witness domestic abuse

Addresses the impact of domestic abuse on children & families. Produced by NSPCC Learning, this podcast is hosted on Spotify and is approximately 25 minutes long.

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Safeguarding Days: Domestic Abuse

For some Children & Families home might not be a safe place and staying there will be extremely challenging. Produced by Safeguarding Days, this podcast is hosted on Spotify and is approximately 11 minutes long.

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Experiences of domestic abuse as a child and mental ill health

Three workers who work in the domestic abuse sector, share their experiences of mental health problems and discuss childhood experiences of domestic abuse. Produced by SafeLives, this podcast is hosted on SoundCloud and is approximately 39 minutes long.

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Domestic Abuse and coercive control

Catherine talks about her mothers’ long experience of domestic abuse, and how this abuse affects the physical and mental health of the whole family. Her story is harrowing. But Catherine has lots of useful advice for any families or individuals suffering from abuse in the home.

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Survivor Ted Talk – Emma's Real Life

Emma is now a Domestic Abuse Advocate, raising awareness for victims and survivors who cannot speak for themselves. Watch the video to hear Emma's story.

WARNING: This presentation contains a real life video which some people may find upsetting

To view the WSCP presentation on Emma's 'Real Life Domestic Abuse story' above click here.

Honour Based Abuse & Forced Marriage

FGM – Recognising & Preventing FGM by Home Office & Virtual College

The training will help a wide range of professionals to identify and assist girls who are at risk of FGM. This course is useful for anyone who is interested in gaining an overview of FGM, particularly frontline staff in healthcare, police, border force and children’s social care.

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Forced Marriage and Honour Based Abuse by Kerry Murphy, Community Cohesion Manager, Wakefield Council

Definition, Detection, Identification & pathways. 45 mins

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Additional resources
  • Domestic Abuse and COVID-19
    Show details

    A brief PowerPoint with some video input from the trainer which will provide:

    A domestic abuse refresher – how we define it and what constitutes abuse

    A look at how COVID-19 may have impacted on victims of domestic abuse

    What support is available during the pandemic – how have services adapted

    The presentation will include links to further information

    35 mins

    Delivered by Anna Tomlinson, Domestic Abuse Early Intervention Specialist, Wakefield Council

    Click here to access the presentation

  • Why doesn’t she just leave?
    Show details

    For victims of domestic abuse it may take many attempts to finally achieve safety. On average it takes a victim 7 attempts to leave an abuser.

    “Why doesn’t she just leave?” This question is often posed to Women’s Refuge, and aims to explain why so much professional and knowledgeable support is required when a victim of family violence decides to leave.

    2 mins

    Click here to access the resource

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