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National and Local Resources and Agencies for Safeguarding in Education.

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Scroll to the bottom of this page for TAS (Team Around the School) Guidance Document, Wakefield Remote/Live Learning Safeguarding Considerations, 1 minute guide students not engaging during lockdown, Guide for education -supporting emotional health and wellbeing,  Recovery curriculum – Wakefield, Signs & Indicators posters, disclosure reminder cards, continuum of need (at a glance), Home Visit Tips, safeguarding when using a tutor or coach, Wakefield Families Together plan, 7 Minute Guides, , Supporting young people with suicidal thoughts, Safer Working Practice Guidance with covid 19 addendum,  records retention advice, safeguarding on work experience, Home visit tips, Exploitation Slang dictionary, Bereavement and Transition advice during covid 19 for schools,  Poster – Tips for Supportive Conversations

Plus see resources below. incl. Wakefield Neglect toolkit, Wakefield Agencies, national agencies resources hub etc.

We know safeguarding issues are highly likely to have escalated over lockdown, please be prepared for an increase in safeguarding cases. Staff should be reminded of dealing with a disclosure/allegation advice. DSL teams need to meet daily and have extra time to deal with cases. Everyone needs to be mindful of Trauma Informed Practice.  Staff wellbeing is vital.



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