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Sexual Abuse

Here you can access training and advice designed to support vicitms of sexual abuse

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)

by Esther Bottomley – Spectrum Community Health CIC

  • What is Child Sexual Exploitation?
  • What should you look for?
  • How can we HELP?
  • What is the RESPECT programme?

Spot the signs of child sexual abuse – Seen & Heard

When a sexually abused or exploited young person has something to tell, they need to be Seen and Heard.  A fantastic training resource designed by Department of Health and the Children’s Society, facilitated by children and young people.


  • The 20 min video contained within this video presentation is very hard hitting. It deals with the issue of sexual abuse within the family. Please give your staff a pre-warning about this (not to do if they have had a difficult day!) and include the NAPAC adult survivors of abuse email address as well as your contact details if they need to talk to someone after the course.
  • There is some swearing
  • It is written from a health perspective but is very relevant for all staff.

Children Society

Click here to view the Seen & Heard video

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