Young Babies & Infants

Information, training and advice specific to safeguarding young babies and infants


The invisible voice of children under two

NSPCC 26 mins

Two NSPCC social workers and a safeguarding manager to come together to discuss the risks to infants under two and how these risks can be recognised and prevented.

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ICON: Babies Cry, You Can Cope!

Programme launch Sarah Booth, CCG

Resources include leaflets, posters and video clips which can be shared with parents and carers at any contact or ‘Touch Point’ they have with midwives, health visitors, GPs, social workers, and all other professionals working with families.

For further information on ICON, visit WSCP Safeguarding Babies and Infants page.

Infant Mental Health


Produced by Jane Turner – Parent Infant Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist

Click here to view the presentation

MAPLAG Audit 2020

Angela South Named Midwife MYHT

A short overview of MAPLAG and its audit process

Safer sleep for babies

from the Lullaby Trust

This video shows how you can reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) giving you the peace of mind to enjoy this special time. The advice is based on strong scientific evidence and should be followed for all sleep periods, not just at night

Safer Sleeping: Reducing the risk of sudden infant death due to ‘Overlay’

Sharon Harvey, Bradford District Care Foundation Trust

This presentation helps practitioners reduce the risk of sudden infant death due to ‘Overlay’

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