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Using the Internet Safely

by West Yorkshire Police

This video is aimed at children from mid primary school age to lower end secondary school.

If showing this video to children please tell them that if they have made a mistake, let a trusted adult know and they won’t get into trouble.

Kids educating kids

By West Yorkshire Police

This video was shared with 750 primary schools across West Yorkshire on Safer Internet Day (9th February 2021)

The Dark Web

by David Tidman for WSCP SGW 2020

Understand terminologies and take away some of the mysteries to help those working with young people understand about how it all works. Identify some of the associated risks.

Summary of Pixels from a Crimescene

A summary of a podcast on the topic of Child Sexual Abuse Material.

from the work of the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF)


Groomed through gaming: The murder of teenager Breck Bednar

This podcast explores themes around recognising signs of grooming and exploitation through online gaming. 26 minutes

Click here to listen to the podcast

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Additional online training
Additional online Resources
  • Interactive 4-7s website featuring Jessie & Friends
    Show details
    The website is based on the three-episode Jessie & Friends animated series, which aims to equip 4-7 year olds with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to stay safer online.

    It is intended to be used by 4-7 year olds alongside their parents and carers, or within education settings as a learning tool.

    Click here to access the website

  • The Dark Web Professionals Fact Sheet
    Show details
    The National Crime Agency, The Marie Collins Foundation and The Children's Society have created a leaflet explaining the Dark Web in more detail.

    To read the fact sheet, please click here.

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