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Safeguarding Children and Young people with Special Educational Needs and Disability [SEND]. What are the challenges for professionals? link

Outline of Presentation

  • Understand factors which may increase the vulnerability and risk for children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disability [SEND]
  • Increase awareness of the barriers in relation to disability and communication to ensure all children’s voices are heard within Safeguarding
  • Explore what we can do differently in our own Service area moving forward

Kate Reed, Teacher in Charge Castleford Resource for Deaf Children and Young People

Kim Liddle. Lead SEND Family Practitioner – Special Educational Needs Support Service [SENSS]

This presentation has a voice over and will also be signed and captioned to enable deaf colleagues to access the information.  

If you prefer the presentation PowerPoint in BSL, please contact Kate Reed at SENSS – 

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