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Kids Educating Kids link

This video was shared with 750 primary schools across West Yorkshire on Safer Internet Day (9th February 2021)

Using the Internet Safely link

Length 26 mins (the session starts at 1 min 25 seconds)

Audience – This video is aimed at children from mid primary school age to lower end secondary school.

If showing this video to children please tell them that if they have made a mistake, let a trusted adult know and they won’t get into trouble.

West Yorkshire Police


Online Disinhibition – Are the online safety messages we give children realistic? link

  • Think before you post!
  • Why do people act differently online?
  • How do you present yourself on social media?
  • Why do you present yourself like that?
  • 7 mins

Useful viewing for older students

Alan McKenzie, Online safety specialist


How to use settings in YouTube link

  • Using You Tube
  • Interesting Facts
  • What is restricted mode?
  • Function on You Tube
  • 7 mins

Useful viewing for older students

Alan McKenzie, Online safety specialist


Captology – How gaming companies lure you in link

Captology – Persuasive Design





9 mins

Alan McKenzie, Online safety specialist


Criticism & Empathy Online link

What do we mean by Criticism & Empathy online?

What is Constructive Criticism?

5 mins

Alan McKenzie, Online safety specialist


The Dark Web – Explaining Some of the Mysteries link

The Dark Web is often talked about in hushed tones as if it is something secret, yet we all have the ability to access it. This session will aim to take away the mysteries, explain where it came from, how it is used and some of the risks that may come with its use. It will help your understanding when working with young people and adults.

42 mins

David Tidman


Safer Schools link 

 Join the Safer School Team in a live webinar, whether you want to learn more about our Safer Schools App, how to use the Safer Schools in your school. These webinars will equip you with everything you need to know so you can get the most out of the Safer Schools partnership with Zurich Municipal.

  • Discover the Safer Schools App – understand how our award-winning App can help to make your entire school community safer.
  • Being ABLE – discover our ABLE Admin Portal to create groups, send out push notifications and create surveys
  • Launching Well – discover the importance of a successful Safer Schools launch and how to achieve it.
  • Discover the Teach Hub – discover our library of free online resources for educating children in the Digital World.
  • Lessons from the Teach Hub – Learn how to use some of our most popular Teach Hub resources with one of our Safer Schools Teachers.
  • Ineqe Safeguarding Group Webinars – Our webinars are designed to keep you up to date with the latest digital safeguarding information and advice.

 Safer Schools

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