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Pre-Recorded Training

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Wakefield Safeguarding Children Partnership recorded a series of training sessions to ensure that nobody lost access to vital safeguarding training.

We have provided access to these pre-recorded training sessions below, and invite you to make use of these resources as needed. We have separated the videos into relevant categories to help you navigate our video library.

Category One Training

Includes training on the following:

  • Information line one
  • Information line two
  • Information line three
  • Information line four

Cannabis Edibles - WYP presentation

Cannabis Edibles presentation by WYPolice

EHE - Elective Home Education 2022

Elective Home Education

Safeguarding Babies & Infants Masterclass Part 2
Safeguarding Babies & Infants Masterclass Part 1

SGBYI Masterclass part 1

Child Exploitation - Would You Know the Signs?

CCE - Child Exploitation

Exploitation, a county lines film on CCE

CCE exploited video

Emma's Story - a victims perspective on CSE

West Yorkshire Police CSE Emma's Story

Category Two Training

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