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One Minute Guide to Intelligence Sharing

What is Intelligence Sharing?

West Yorkshire Police (WYP) and the wider policing family is intelligence driven. They rely on intelligence from communities, partners and other law enforcement agencies.

Submitting intelligence provides valuable information to WYP which may otherwise not be known, in order to prevent and detect all types of crime. In relation to safeguarding children such as Child Exploitation, intelligence can provide a key role in building a picture of the risks posed outside of the family home for a child and potential risks within a community such as hotspots, where criminal activity may be taking place which harms a child. It can contribute to disrupting and preventing criminal activity such as exploitation from taking place.

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    Intelligence is where the information submitted has been through an evaluation process based on how the information has been given, who/what was the source of the information, how reliable the information is likely to be and who are they able to share that intelligence with.
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    WYP have developed a Partnership Intelligence Portal (PIP) which is an internet based portal to provide partner agencies with a means to share intelligence easily, securely and confidentially with the police.

    Click here to learn more about the PIP Campaign

    To set your agency up with the PIP, please see: to request access.

    Once your agency is set up, you will be able to submit intelligence to WYP here:

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    Intelligence submitted through the PIP could include a variety of points such as:
    - Information about a concerning incident or suspicious activity;
    - An usual exchange between two or more people;
    - Something which makes you feel uncomfortable

    In terms of safeguarding children, have the bigger picture in mind. Are there locations in a child’s community outside of their home which are a worry? A park, a building, a street, a shop front, a car? Where crime could be taking place.

    However, minor or trivial the information you have may seem, it could help provide a clearer picture of local issues and community related problems. Don’t assume someone else will see or hear what you have. Creating safe spaces for children growing up in their community is crucial and using the PIP can play a key role in keeping communities safe.

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    Once intelligence is submitted to WYP via the PIP it is triaged and if proportionate to record will be transferred to the police’s system and tasked appropriately to progress.

    Your submission is secure and will remain confidential.

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    On occasions people may provide information but ask to remain anonymous for a number of reasons. In these instances, their details should still be recorded on the form. This is sanitised and viewing it limited to a very small number of highly vetted officers and staff within WYP.

    Please reassure your colleagues, people and the communities you work with that their name and personal information will be kept confidential, but it is crucial that this information is made part of the original submission.

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    The PIP does not replace usual practice in contacting WYP in an emergency or sharing a safeguarding concern about a child to Integrated Front Door (MASH).

    Anything of immediate risk should be reported to the police via 999.

    A referral to safeguarding a child is not the purpose of the PIP. To raise a safeguarding concern about a child, please visit

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