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One Minute Guide to Child Death Joint Agency Response Meeting (JAR)

It is the responsibility of Wakefield Council and Wakefield CCG to ensure that a review of each death of a child normally resident in the Wakefield District is undertaken by Child Death Overview Panel (CDOP).

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    Working Together to Safeguard Children 2023, Chapter 6 defines the unexpected death of a child which was not anticipated as a significant possibility 24 hours before the death, or where there was a similarly unexpected collapse leading to or precipitating the events that led to the death.
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    Joint Agency Response (JAR) describes the process of communication, collaborative action and information sharing following the unexpected death of a child. The purpose of a Joint Agency Response meeting (JAR) is to ensure that the appropriate agencies engage and work together to:

    – Respond quickly to the unexpected death of a child.

    – Make immediate enquiries into and evaluate the reasons for and circumstances of the death, in agreement with the Coroner.

    – Undertake enquiries/investigations that relate to the current responsibilities and actions of each organisation when a child dies unexpectedly. This includes liaising with those who have ongoing responsibilities for other family members.

    – Collate information in a standard, nationally agreed manner.

    – Work together appropriately post death, keeping contact with family members via an identified key worker to ensure that they are appropriately supported and informed of all information concerning their child.

The JAR begins at the point of death and ends with the completed report to the CDOP.

Phase 1

The first phase of the response begins within the first few hours. An information sharing and planning discussion or meeting takes place between the Consultant and hospital staff, the Police and the Coroner.

Phase 2

The second phase brings together a multi-agency team, co-ordinated by the Lead Sudden Unexpected Death In Childhood (SUDIC) Consultant. Usually, they will schedule the JAR meeting to take place within 72 hours after the unexpected death of a child.

The professionals involved will carry out their normal functions for example as a GP, Paediatrician, Midwife, Health Visitor, Police Officer or Social Worker and will work in accordance with the guidance within Working Together to Safeguard Children 2023.

Furthermore, this guidance has been developed locally and is contained within the West Yorkshire Safeguarding Children Partnership Procedures – 4.1 Investigation of Sudden Unexpected Deaths in Childhood, 4.2 Child Death Review and 4.3 Local Arrangements for Child Death Review.

A Child Death Review Meeting (CDRM) brings together all professionals involved and takes place after the post-mortem examination results are complete, but prior to inquest (where applicable).

Following the inquest (if applicable) each case is reviewed by the CDOP to;
- Classify the cause of death.
- Identify any modifiable factors.

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One Minute Guide adapted from North Yorkshire Safeguarding Children Partnership with thanks

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