Contextual Safeguarding

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Rewriting the rules of Child Protection link

In this ground-breaking talk Dr Firmin, the founder of Contextual Safeguarding outlines three things.

  • One: how contexts beyond families are associated with abuse.
  • Two: how traditional child protection systems fail to engage with these contextual dynamics.
  • Three: the components of the Contextual Safeguarding system that would redefine what child protection means.
  • 15 mins

With special thanks to core the TEDxTottenham organising team, volunteers and cherished partners – without you this experience would not be possible

Intro Music – “Rain” by Alicia Grace (produced by Stevey Reid)

Dr Carlene Firmin

A social researcher, concerned with safeguarding young people, social justice and inequality, with a particular expertise in the field of violence and abuse between young people. Since 2013 she has developed and led the Contextual Safeguarding and peer-on-peer abuse research programs at the University of Bedfordshire. Carlene developed Contextual Safeguarding as a theoretical and operational framework which could be used to draw attention to, and address, the social and cultural contexts in which extra – familial abuse occurs.


Contextual Safeguarding

This PowerPoint looks at Contextual Safeguarding and covers:

  • What is contextual safeguarding?
  • Building a Contextual Safeguarding System
  • The Theoretical Approach
  • How the tiers work together
  • To receive a copy of this powerpoint please email

Emma Bint, Social Worker Hemsworth & Minsthorpe Team 3, Wakefield


Contextual Safeguarding: Network Resources – a range of short video & podcasts link

What is Contextual Safeguarding?

This short video provides an overview of contextual safeguarding and what it means in practice for different social contexts.

The Principles of Contextual Safeguarding

This short video provides a brief introduction to the principles of Contextual Safeguarding.

Safeguarding teenagers from sexual exploitation and violence outside the home

Carlene Firmin (International Centre) speaks on safeguarding teenagers from sexual exploitation and violence outside the home, and the importance of taking a contextual approach, in this video.

Peer-on-peer child sexual exploitation

In this video George Curtis (International Centre) outlines research findings on peer on peer child sexual exploitation.

Social theory and Contextual Safeguarding

This video provides an accessible overview of Pierre Bourdieu’s social theory which underpins Contextual Safeguarding.

What does Contextual Safeguarding mean to me?

In this video Danielle Fritz (International Centre) reflects on what contextual safeguarding means to practitioners.

Strategic Impact of Contextual Safeguarding

 Impact of Contextual Safeguarding on Children’s Social Care


Profiling and peer groups

Education and youth service provision

And a range of PODCASTS from the Contextual Safeguarding Network


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