SGW – WSCP Summer Conference

Course overview


Dr. Jenny Lloyd, a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Bedfordshire within the Safer Young Lives Research Centre who will deliver Contextual Safeguarding of Children & Young People.

Dr Jenny Lloyd is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Bedfordshire within the Safer Young Lives Research Centre. As a member of the Contextual Safeguarding team she works on two research projects; managing the National Scale-Up of Contextual safeguarding across England and Wales and a study into innovation in social care. In most recent research Beyond Referrals explored responses to harmful sexual behaviour in schools.  Twitter: @jennyalloyd


As they move through adolescence, young people increasingly socialise, spend time and form relationships in extra-familial settings. The relationships that they form, and interactions they have, with peers, professionals and others in these settings can be both protective and present a risk to their safety and well-being. In this presentation, Dr Jenny Lloyd will introduce: the concept of Contextual Safeguarding; the evidence upon which it has been built; practices, resources and recommendations that have been co-designed with practitioners who have been adopting contextual approaches to safeguarding young people across England and Wales over the past seven years. In doing so it will provide the foundations for practitioners interested in developing new approaches to both safeguarding young people and meeting the challenge of extra-familial risks of significant harm.


Don’t miss inspirational speaker, Phil Pearce who draws on his traumatic life experiences to guide young people.  When he hit rock bottom, one person was there to help him.  With his presentation My New Life, Phil inspires others to be that ‘One Person’.

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