Working with Fathers

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Working with Fathers is crucial, research shows that the relationship a child has with their father affects their wellbeing and development. This training session is designed to encourage thinking to be broadened on the need to work with all fathers and men in children’s lives and be mindful of the risks that they can sometimes pose to children and young people.

Target Audience

All frontline practitioners; for example, Social Workers, Children First Hub Workers, Health Visitors and Youth Offending Team. It is expected that delegates will have already completed basic safeguarding training.


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Course Highlights

Learning Outcomes

* Understand the need to engage with all fathers and men acting in a parenting capacity – step fathers or partners.

* Explore why some Fathers can often be ‘bystanders’ and ignored by professionals.

* Have considered risks that some new fathers can present and how to manage these.

* Have considered the Voice of the Father – stepped into a fathers shoes in ‘what it’s like for me?’


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