SGW – WEBINAR – Domestic Abuse Stalking, Harassment and Honour based Abuse – DASH (2009)

Course overview

Key objectives of session – Participants are able to complete the Risk Identification Checklist – DASH (2009). Participants know how this relates to MARAC and would be able to make an appropriate referral in order to help keep a victim of high risk domestic abuse safe


  • Explanation of acronyms and abbreviations used
  • An explanation of what  DASH (2009) is, and when it should be used
  • An overview of where the check list came from and how it was developed
  • A brief consideration of SPECCS – the original Police risk assessment
  • Consideration of consent, confidentiality, information sharing
  • Tips for working through the checklist – practical guidance and information
  • Step by step, question by question – working through the checklist
  • Analysis of results – how to discuss the results with the victim, what the results show in terms of immediate risk to victim
  • Overview of risk classification
  • MARAC referral process – how to make a referral, who to contact

Trainer: Anna Tomlinson Simpson
Domestic Abuse Early Intervention Specialist

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