Understanding Liaison & Diversion

Course overview

Course Description

The All Age Liaison and Diversion services (L&D) work with children and young people who have mental health, learning disability, substance misuse or other vulnerabilities when they first come into contact with the criminal justice system as suspects, defendants or offenders.

L&D services aim to improve the overall health outcomes for children and young people , and vulnerable adults and to support them in the reduction of future re-offending.


Target Audience

This session would be suitable for front line staff, Social workers, School Nurses, Health Visitors, Community Mental Health Workers, Police Sergeants, and Practitioners at Children First Hubs. It is expected that delegates will have already completed basic safeguarding training.


Course Highlights

Learning Outcomes

* How mental health and other vulnerabilities can lead to offending behaviours from children , young people and vulnerable adults

* How offending can impact on children , young people and adults with mental health

* How Wakefield L&D works with women in the Criminal Justice System

* How L&D supports people in Magistrates Court


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