Understanding Asylum Seeking Children

Course overview

Course Description

Children enter the UK to seek asylum, some of them without an adult parent or guardian.

Local Authorities have a duty of care for them, and there are a number of requirements and challenges involved in successfully meeting their needs. this course aims to fully explore this.

The course is delivered for the LSCB by Migration Yorkshire and the training has been funded by the Community Cohesion Team.


Target Audience

This course is suitable for anyone working with vulnerable children, particularly staff from Health, Criminal Justice, Children’s Social Care and the Children’s First Hubs.


Course Highlights

Learning Outcomes

* Different migrant groups and routes of entry into the UK

* A picture of migration in Wakefield and Yorkshire

* Unaccompanied Asylum seeker Children (UASC) and their  journey

* Working with UASC’s including duties of social care and age assessments

* Turning 18 – Risks and vulnerabilities

* Challenges of working with UASC’s


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