Technology & Children – Potential Issues Affecting Young People Online

Course overview

Course Description

The National Report on Child Sexual Exploitation highlights that predators often groom children and young people on line.  As technology becomes even more imbedded in the lives of young people, the threats that they may encounter continue to grow. This briefing offers an opportunity to raise awareness and understanding of young people’s online behaviors as well as those who attempt to threaten and harm them.


Social media and other technologies are now an integral part of the world many young people live in and many of them would feel isolated without it. Due to this integrated existence they often leave themselves exposed to risks through their behaviours without recognising what they are doing or the potential impact of their actions. The aim of this course is to help those working with young people to understand the broad range of issues affecting young people, the functionality of the technology, Cyber Bullying and the risks that behaviour opens young people up to and what we can do to help and support.


Target Audience

No prerequisites although it is advisable to have undertaken a basic safeguarding children course.


Course Highlights

Learning Outcomes

* Understand why technology has had the impact that it has on young people

* An understanding of language, terminology, technology and applications used by young people using digital technologies including the internet in particular the impact of social networking

* Understand the potential risks for young people using social media, other online tools and how to start engaging with young people




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