Signs of Safety Basic Awareness

Course overview

Course Description

Signs of Safety is the practice model used in Wakefield across the Continuum of Need.   It is a solution focussed and safety oriented approach to undertake whole family case work. This session is aimed at providing Basic Awareness Training for partner agencies and local authority staff on the Signs of Safety key principles, disciplines and tools for practitioners to use when they have a worry about a child.

Target Audience

All practitioners who have a lead for direct work with children and their family regarding; safeguarding, early help, behaviour management, attendance or health related worry. It is expected that delegates will have already completed basic safeguarding training.


Course Highlights

Learning Outcomes

To provide an introduction to the Signs of Safety approach to enable participants to:

* Recognise how the model can support collaborative working to promote family owned and led interventions

* Support partners and managers to consider how they will implement Signs of Safety into their practice and embed within their organisation

* To use the Direct Work with Children Tools to identify the child’s everyday lived experience.


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