Safer Places Short briefing

Course overview

Course Description

The Safer Places Scheme in Wakefield District has been running since February 2015. It aims to encourage vulnerable people and some young people (who are able to travel independently) to live more fulfilling lives by becoming more confident about travelling independently and feeling safer whilst alone in public places. In the scheme we have public buildings that are designated Safer Places and a register of vulnerable people who have applied to be members of the scheme. Members carry a card with contact details of next of kin. The scheme also makes use of a smart phone App.

Target Audience

The session is suitable for staff working with people living with dementia, learning disabilities, autism and special educational needs, and we are keen to include other groups of service users, for example children and young people, as the scheme is expanded.


Course Highlights

Learning Outcomes

* An understanding about how the Safer Places Scheme works and how some young people may be eligible for the scheme

* An understanding about its limitations

* An understanding about the application and reporting procedures

* How to support the scheme and enroll service users


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