Seen & Heard

Course overview

This briefing is based on a national video training program led by young people which covers:-

 * Sexual abuse/dealing with disclosures

 * Seeing and hearing young people.

It is suitable for anyone working with young people. Young people in the video are teenagers but this will apply across age ranges. Please note it contains emotive video content.

Seen and Heard is part of the Dept. of Health’s commitment to train over 750,000 staff to raise awareness about what it’s like to be a young person who might have something to disclose. The approach that staff use could be the catalyst that makes a young person disclose, opening the way for abuse to stop and recovery to start.

Please ensure that you arrive 15 minutes before the session is due to start for registration and to ensure a prompt start.

Course Highlights

  • To recognise signs that a child or young person wants to disclose sexual abuse and/or exploitation.
  •  To recall the importance of the Seen and Heard message to children and young people.


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