Safeguarding Week – Cyber Security Awareness, Addressing Risk & Reducing Vulnerabilities

Course overview

Don’t miss this opportunity to join a live webinar on Cyber Security during Safeguarding Week 2020

West Yorkshire Police Cybercrime Team have now enrolled a Protect Delivery Officer to safeguard businesses and schools against online crime. The Protect Delivery Officer is responsible for ensuring businesses and schools are cyber protected.

The Protect arm of the team is to reduce vulnerabilities around technology. The role itself, which has never been done before at a Force level, is part of the “Regionally Managed-Locally Delivered” government strategy, born out of a £1.9 billion investment to help safeguard Britain’s businesses. PC Rob Cowgill, who is the current Force Protect Delivery Officer for West Yorkshire Police, appeals to businesses to invite him to provide user education and awareness sessions to their staff, which are FREE of charge.

The sessions provide advice around the national messages, which are backed by the National Police Chiefs Council. Some of the messages consist of providing advice around the following: passwords, software and app updates, backing up data, public WIFI, phishing, and reporting to Action Fraud. All the messages and advice given is based on the national guidance from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).

Presenters: Police Officers – Rob Cowgill and Neil Marshall from West Yorkshire Police’s Cyber Crime Team

Course Highlights

Each webinar will be an hour long and allow for Q&A and will cover;

  • Current Cyber Security Threats,
  • Advice on how to mitigate those threats,
  • Identifying risk in young people,
  • Early intervention and resources available to promote positive learning.

You must book a place on this course by 18th June, this is the cut off for bookings!


Additional Course Information

To attend this training you must book a place on our website

You will receive an invitation to join the training from the provider of the session.   If you have any technical difficulties joining – please contact the provider of the invitation for support.

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