VIRTUAL TRAINING – Wakefield Relationship Matters – MODULE 3 HALF DAY – Reducing Parental Conflict

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Wakefield Relationship Matters – Practitioners

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The Reducing Parental Conflict Programme (known locally as Wakefield Relationship Matters) has been designed to provide practitioners and their managers with the skills in supporting parents/carers to reduce conflict within their relationship, whether they are together or separated. Research has found that children exposed to parental conflict experience a decline in their mental health and long-term outcomes.

Practitioners will explore how to discuss parental conflict with parents, focusing on practising skills such as negotiation and compromise when handling conversations with parents. Practitioners will be provided with tools and techniques to enable parents to resolve destructive conflict with positive outcomes not only for parents but improve outcomes for their children.

There are four modules to the programme, with module 1 and 2 being combined into one session

Module 3: Working with parents in conflict.  This skills-based workshop introduces a series of tools that can, be used to work with parents, encouraging behaviour change and promoting positive communication


Module 1: Understanding the parental conflict evidence-base.  Providing practitioners with the knowledge to underpin practice, this introductory workshop explores the evidence base and the impact of parental conflict on outcomes for children.

Module 2: Identify and discuss parental conflict with parents.  Focusing on the causes of parental conflict, this workshop equips practitioners with the skills to work with parents to identify and explore relationship conflict.

Module 4: The role of supervisors and managers in managing people to address parental conflict.  Aimed at supervisors and managers, this workshop focuses on the importance of recognising parental conflict, with an aim to develop the skills to coach and support practitioners.

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Course Highlights

Learning Outcomes modules 3

Identify the level of conflict encountered and describe the most appropriate support to offer

  • Respond appropriately when parental conflict is identified
  • Practice how to approach conversations that may arise around distressed relationships
  • Know about the available local and national resources available to support parents whose relationship is in conflict
  • Help parents to engage with these services, by being able to describe what they do and what the evidence shows us about long term outcomes for children
  • Identify when to talk with your manager about possible domestic abuse and/or child safeguarding situations
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Additional Course Information

Target Audience

Open to a wide range of front line practitioners working within both adult and children services in a variety of roles across the reach of local authorities and all partner organisations, including health, school, police, housing, third sector, administration anyone working with parents.

Practitioners or agencies that have contact with parents either directly, or by working with their children, play an important role in identifying and supporting the reduction of parental conflict.

This programme supports practitioners, supervisors, managers and wider agencies in building awareness and developing the confidence, knowledge and skills to work with parents to reduce conflict and drive more positive outcomes.

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