Investigation Of Abusive Images

Course overview

Course Description

In this current time and during the rapid growth of the internet ,children and young people are sadly often abused online. Possession of abusive images is an offence against children and young people and the zero tolerance to this kind of offending is critical. This multi-agency briefing will aim to explore how abusive images are investigated by West Yorkshire Police. Sexting (sending an image, video or sexual text) has also become an increasingly common phenomenon and this course will also explore the harm this can cause to children and young people especially when an image or video is shared widely.

Target Audience

Social Workers and Managers

Children First Hub Workers/Co-ordinators/Managers

Liaison and Diversion staff

CRC/NPS staff (Probation)

It is expected that delegates will have completed basic safeguarding training.


Course Highlights

Learning Outcomes

* Understand what is classed as an abusive image?

* To have an increased awareness of the protocols that surround a police investigation, including timescales and thresholds

* To gain awareness of what the law says around Sexting

* Understand more about the new Bail Act 2017

* To enable practitioners to understand more about the investigation by considering a case study


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