Intrafamilial Sexual Abuse – West Yorkshire Police

Course overview

Course Description

This briefing looks to explore the sensitive and complex safeguarding issue of interfamilial sexual abuse and is delivered by West Yorkshire Police. Abuse within the family is thought to make up two thirds of all child sexual abuse. Research suggests that many victims do not come forward. When a child is brave enough to report abuse within the family home the investigation that follows must be swift and sensitive; this course looks at how such a investigation is carried out.

Target Audience

Any practitioner or manager working in Wakefield with children, young people and their families . It is expected that delegates will have completed basic safeguarding training.




Course Highlights

Learning Outcomes

The session will explore in detail a Case Study going from A-Z of how a police investigation unfolds from the receipt of the initial referral through to the conclusion of the case.

Participants will increase their understanding of the complexity and sensitivities around this safeguarding and child protection issue.

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