Hate Crime

Course overview

Course Description

Hate incidents and crimes affect many people for different reasons. Sadly children and young people can also be the victim of hate crime and this can take place anywhere including at school. Incidents can include threats, verbal abuse, online abuse or violence towards an individual or damage to property.

No child should have to live with the fear, anxiety and consequences of hate crime. Here in Wakefield, in partnership with West Yorkshire Police and other partners support and guidance is available for victims to take positive action against perpetrators. This includes a program of work with local schools to raise awareness and support for children and young people.

The session is aimed at providing awareness of hate crimes and incidents to professionals. Participants will be given information on how to support and help children and young people who have been victims of hate crime.

Target Audience

No prerequisites although it is advisable for delegates to have undertaken at least a basic Safeguarding children course. This course is suitable for anyone who works in the Wakefield District and wishes to improve their understanding of Hate Crime.


Course Highlights

Learning Outcomes

* Explain what hate crime is and to raise awareness and understanding of the impact on children and young people

* Understand the laws around hate crime

* Be able to report and encourage victims and witnesses to report

* Know how to support the individuals and communities it affects


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