Children & Young People Living with Domestic Violence & Abuse

Course overview

Course Description

Research tells us that children and young people living in households where there is domestic abuses are effected by this both in the short term and long term.

This one day course delivered by the LSCB training coordinator and WDDAS. It is designed to increase participants understanding of how domestic violence and abuse effects children and young people through all stages of their childhood and teenage years.

Target Audience

All participants must have a basic awareness of child abuse and must have completed the Safeguarding Children Board’s Working Together to Safeguard Children course or an equivalent level of learning in safeguarding children.


Course Highlights

Learning Outcomes

* Identify how children and young people are affected by Domestic Abuse

* Understand the link between Domestic Abuse and Neglect

* Be familiar with the role and responsibilities of agencies in the Wakefield district including WDDAS

* Demonstrate an increased knowledge and understanding of national and local serious case reviews where domestic abuse was a key factor and be clear about the lessons learnt

* Increased understanding of what support is available for children, young people and their families

* Understand the role of a SDAP in supporting victims and their families

* Understand the role of the MARAC process in protecting children


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