Child Sexual Exploitation

Course overview

Course Description

This course will explore what CSE is and the impact it has on children and young people. Participants will leave with an insight into the local picture, including how to report concerns and what happens after reporting. This course is aimed at all front line practitioners and managers who work with Children, Young People and their families.

Target Audience

Social Workers and Managers.

Children First Hub Workers/Co-ordinators/Managers.

Liaison and Diversion staff.

CRC/NPS staff (Probation).

An updated course description along with the date, time and venue will be added once we have confirmation of these.


Course Highlights

Learning Outcomes

* To have considered issues of vulnerability (including disability) and how this makes some children more likely to be affected by CSE.

* To have considered the impact of grooming, as well as considered the impact of trauma on the future attachment, engagement and behaviour of young people involved in CSE including risk taking and patterns of behaviour.

* To have awareness of the approaches when responding to and engaging young people and reducing future risks and vulnerability.

* To have an awareness and understanding of the tools available to work with sexually exploited children and young people, including cases where young people are hard to reach, do not engage.


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