Working Together – Basic Awareness Half Day

Course overview

Course Description

The Working Together Basic Awareness training course is an introductory course covering basic safeguarding. It gives participants an understanding of the principles for working with children and young people to keep them safe. This course is delivered by the WSCP trainer and a member of the multi-agency training pool.


This training is the minimum requirement for all people working with families or those who have contact with children and young people. It is recommended that people undertake Refresher training a minimum of every 3 years.


Target Audience

This course is designed for those who have had either no safeguarding training or who need a refresher. All practitioners should access working together training at least once every three years.



Course Highlights

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, participants will have an awareness of:

* Child abuse and neglect including signs and indicators

* The Continuum of Need and local thresholds

* What to do in response to concerns

* When to raise concerns

* How to raise concerns

* How Agencies, Voluntary Community Sector and families should work together to keep children safe


Additional Course Information

Learning Outcomes

  • Child Abuse and neglect including signs and indicators
  • The Impact of abuse on Child Development
  • What to do in response to concerns
  • When to raise concerns
  • How to raise concerns
  • How to work together to keep children safe
  • Have an increased understanding of what working together means and how agencies coordinate effectively can best achieve this

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