Safeguarding Week 2021 Recorded Training

Welcome to our Recorded Training

All of these virtual sessions are available to download and view at home or in the office, at a time to suit you.

We are keen to keep safeguarding children at the forefront of everyone’s mind and continue to raise awareness of the issues. We have worked with Safeguarding Partnerships and agencies across West Yorkshire to bring you these sessions.

On the following pages you will find a wide range of training and learning opportunities in different formats. There’s ‘something for everyone’who has contact with children and families so take a look:

Safeguarding really is ‘Everyone’s Business’ we would like to thank everyone who has contributed.

All of the virtual training sessions and briefings offered during the week are free for partner agencies, voluntary organisations, schools and practitioners working with children and families across the Wakefield District.

Due to the volume of colleagues accessing our training, we are only able provide certificates for face to face training.  To evidence that you have viewed these training recordings, complete an evaluation form link and save.


To access the following training  please click on the coloured topic below, then select the session you want to view:


Bullying link

What is sexual Bullying? by Anti-Bullying Alliance


Covid-19 link

Coronavirus Special: How to manage anxiety in the face of a global pandemic with Judson Brewer by Feel Better, Live More with Dr Rangan Chatterjee


Domestic Abuse link

Children never just witness Domestic Abuse by NSPCC Learning
Domestic Violence by Safeguarding Days
Experiences of domestic abuse as a child and mental ill health by SafeLives


e-Learning link

We need to talk about Suicide by Health Education England & Public Health England
Talking to Your Children About Emotional Resilience and Self-Harm by Virtual College & Self-harm UK


Education link

Safeguarding Audit feedback and Ofsted SVSH Review by Vicki Maybin
Supporting pupil and student mental wellbeing by Department for Education, Public Health, NHS England
Survive! Serious Youth Violence by LGFL 
Harmful sexual behaviour in schools by NSPCC Learning
Preventing Radicalisation in Schools by LGFL 
Bullying – All Together Programme by Anti-Bullying Alliance
Anti-Bullying Ambassador Programme by The Diana Award
Understanding Trauma informed practice with DSL Claire Harwood by Safeguarding Days
Understanding Trauma – Learning Brain vs Survival Brain by Jacob Ham
The repair of early trauma – A bottom up approach – ACES by Beacon House
Childhood bereavement: an introduction by Winston’s Wish

Emotional Wellbeing link

Words Can Hurt by Childline
How our childhood shapes every aspect of our health with Dr Gabor Mate by Feel Better, Live More with Dr Rangan Chatterjee
ZSA ‘Step Up’ Social Isolation training by Zero Suicide Alliance
ZSA Gateway Training by Zero Suicide Alliance
ZSA Suicide Awareness by Zero Suicide Alliance
Talking mental health (how to talk to children about) by Feel Better, Live More with Dr Rangan Chatterjee


Exploitation link

Criminal exploitation with Rebecca Weaver by Safeguarding Days
Cultural barriers to disclosing child sexual abuse by Co Race Equality Taskforce
Prevent Awareness by HM Government
Female Genital Mutilation – Recognising & Preventing FGM by Virtual College
Keep Them Safe: Protecting Children from Child Sexual Exploitation by Virtual College
Modern slavery and human trafficking by National Crime Agency


LGBTQ Awareness link

Mike’s Story by Barnardo’s
Working with the Seldom Heard webinar series: the LGBTQ+ community by Working Together Training & Development Programme
LGBT+ people and domestic abuse by SafeLives
Love should never be abusive by Open Clasp Theatre Company & NEDAP
Like A Person (Short Film) by Swindon Council


Neglect link

Neglect Video by LSCBx3


Online link

Groomed through gaming: The murder of teenager Breck Bednar by Safeguarding Days
How social media could be making you ill by Feel Better, Live More with Dr Rangan Chatterjee
Pixels from a Crime Scene: It’s not too big a problem to solve by Internet Watch Foundation


Practitioners link

The Wakefield Resilience Framework, produced for Wakefield Public Health and Young Lives Consortium
Identifying Young Carers & how to access support in Wakefield by Emma Newton, Young Carers Lead Practitioner
Working with Individuals Who Sexually Offend Online by Olivia Pitts, Coordinator at Liaison & Diversion Service
Learning from Serious Case Reviews Levels 1 to 4 by Virtual College
How to talk to children about race with Dr Pragya Agarwal by Feel Better, Live More with Dr Rangan Chatterjee
Learning from Serious Case Reviews by Safeguarding Days
Children See Children Do! – Learned Behaviour by NAPCAN – Prevent child abuse & neglect
S**t Kid’s say by NSPCC
NSPCC Learning from Case Reviews by NSPCC


Safeguarding link

Working Together Basic Awareness by Karron Zelei
Safeguarding by NSPCC Learning


SEND link

The Silent Child by Slick Films


Teenagers link

Gaslighting: How to spot it and stop it by BBC Bitesize
How to support a friend with their mental health by BBC Bitesize


Trauma link

ACE’s – Introduction to Adverse Childhood Experiences by Public Health, Home Office, West Midlands PCC, West Midlands Violence Prevention Alliance

Adverse Childhood Experiences ACE’s by Public Health Wales

Childhood Trauma and the Brain by UK Trauma Council


Under 5’s link

Safer Sleep for Babies by Lullaby Trust
Infant Mental Health by Jane Turner – Parent Infant Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist
ICON: Babies Cry, You Can Cope! Programme by Sarah Booth



Clink here for 2020’s recorded training sessions.

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