WSCP Conference Summer 2020

WELCOME to Wakefield Safeguarding Children Partnership Virtual Conference

Monday 22nd June from 2pm

To open the presentations:  Click the blue link beside the presentation, this link will take you to YouTube.  Please note these should ideally be read in numerical order.


Opening the Conference

1. Stuart Smith Wakefield Safeguarding Children Partnership, Independent Scrutineer link

Stuart has a 40 year Career as a youth worker, Teacher and community worker, mainly working with deprived and vulnerable children and Families. He served as Director of Children’s and Adult Services for Liverpool for 6 years and Calderdale for another six years. He is currently working as an independent consultant fulfilling the statutory role as “Independent Scrutineer” in two local authority Safeguarding Children Partnerships, also operating as an Improvement Advisor to three Local Authorities on behalf of the DfE Intervention Unit. Stuart served as a non-executive board member of the Children and Families Court Advisory Support Service (CAFCASS) for 8 years. He is also an associate member of the Association of Directors of Children’s Services.

In 2018 Stuart received and OBE for ‘Services to Children’


2. Mark McManus – Chief Superintendent, West Yorkshire Police

Updates from Chief Superintendent Mark McManus, Safeguarding Partnership Executive link

Mark has been a Police Officer, within West Yorkshire, for the past 30 years. He began his career in Calderdale, where he was promoted to Sergeant. He became a Detective Sergeant in Leeds, before returning to Calderdale as an NH Inspector and then Detective Inspector. He became NH Chief Inspector, before moving to Bradford as DCI. Mark then transferred to Wakefield HQ, Local Policing Support, before moving to the Force’s Homicide Major Enquiry Team, as a Senior Investigative Officer. Promoted Superintendent, he led the Force’s demand management review, before moving to Operational Support, as head of Contact Management.


3. Suzannah Cookson – Chief Nurse, Wakefield Clinical Commissioning Group

Partnership in a Pandemic link

Suzannah has been in post as Executive Chief Nurse since September 2018 and has over 35 years’ clinical experience in the NHS, working across acute, community and primary care settings. She has extensive and varied experience in nursing and midwifery leadership roles, delivering quality, safe and effective care in provision and in a commissioning organisation.

Suzannah is motivated by working with people and values relationships to achieve good outcomes for patients and public. She gives her best leading change through people, showing compassion and kindness and harnessing a multi-agency, multi-disciplinary approach to system change, to transform and improve the health and wellbeing of people in our local communities.


4. Cath Knibbs           

Presentation on Trauma Informed Practice:  

CHILD TRAUMA: Repl’ACE’ing the context link

What is Child Trauma? What is an ACE? Are they the same?

Catherine is a Human Being, Mum, Author, Doctoral (Ph.D.) Clinical Researcher and Child/Adult Psychotherapist specialising in virtual and corporeal (real world) trauma using Integrative creative methods including gaming, AR, VR, and biofeedback. She is a gamer, blogger, blogger, and podcaster. She is the director for Privacy4 (an industry Information Standard for Therapists), a cyber specialist, and proposes a new theory as to why we engage in cyberspace as we do. She is a Finalist for the National Cyber Awards for services to the profession of Counselling and Psychotherapy in Cybersecurity, Data Protection, and Privacy Advice. Catherine is currently a Director at ACTO for Research and Development and the ACTO consultant for Cybersecurity, Data Protection, and Privacy.

Catherine has published in peer-reviewed journals as a leading researcher in the U.K. around the topic of cyber trauma, which includes a new academic definition for cyberbullying and cyber trauma/online harms. She writes for some of the largest U.K. online safety companies, Internet Matters, and consists of a national newsletter that goes directly into schools. She presents at national and international conferences (which has included CCMH/IATE, NSPCC, Marie Collins, Onlinevents, ACTO, ACTIO, Confer, and other leading Psychotherapy Organisations around this broad topic. She has been on Therapist Uncensored, Shrink Rap Radio, and Trauma Therapist podcasts in the U.S.

She is UKCP MSc dual Child & Adult Trauma Psychotherapist. She’s a mum to two adult boys, runs a trauma practice, and is currently editing a second book (made up of 4 series). She has an excellent self-care routine and uses Functional medicine principles and nutrigenomics to ‘bio hack’ to ensure she is performing optimally for herself and her clients.

The podcast is called Cyber synapse and is available on YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, Anchor, and many more audio platforms. Her website is


5. Karron Zelei – Wakefield Safeguarding Children Partnership Training Coordinator

Multi-agency Safety Planning – SMART Planning link

Karron has worked as the training coordinator for WSCP since April 2018. Previous roles included working in Education settings from Pre-school – High School. Karron has worked for Education Welfare Service where she completed he social work degree in 2009, following this she worked as CAF coordinator and CAF Team manager in the Early Intervention & Prevention Team.


6. West Yorkshire Police & Crime Commissioner – Mark Burns Williams & Detective Superintendent Chris Gibson link

Safeguarding Issues & Advice during COVID-19


7. Bev Paris – Team Manager Wakefield Safeguarding Children Partnership link

Closing remarks and thank you’ s.


Following the conference the links to the videos and presentations will remain on our website for you to view.

All virtual sessions can be accessed via our website:

If you require assistance accessing any sessions please email: and we will get back to you.

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