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Safeguarding really is ‘Everyone’s Business’

Welcome to our Recorded Training. This year we have had to ‘do things differently’.

All of the virtual sessions are available to download and view at home or in the office, at a time to suit you.

We are keen to keep safeguarding children at the forefront of everyone’s mind and continue to raise awareness of the issues. We have worked with Safeguarding Partnerships and agencies across West Yorkshire to bring you these sessions.

On the following pages you will find a wide range of training and learning opportunities in different formats. There’s ‘something for everyone’ who has contact with children and families so take a look:

Safeguarding really is ‘Everyone’s Business’ we would like to thank everyone who has contributed.

All of the virtual training sessions and briefings offered during the week are free for partner agencies, voluntary organisations, schools and practitioners working with children and families across the Wakefield District.

Due to the volume of colleagues accessing our training, we are only able provide certificates for face to face training.  To evidence that you have viewed these training recordings, complete an evaluation form link and save.


To access the following training  please click on the coloured topic below, then select the session you want to view:

Working Together Basic Awareness

The Working Together Basic Awareness recorded training is an introductory course covering basic safeguarding. It gives participants information about the principles for working with children, young people and families – Karron Zelei

Education staff – please see specific education training link. Contact

Note:  We have a waiting list for Working Together a Shared Responsibility (advanced course) and new dates for 2022 will be advertised soon to register your interest please email


Safer Sleeping: reducing the risk of sudden infant death due to ‘Overlay’ – Sharon Harvey
The Invisible Voice of Children NSPCC (video)
Icon: Babies Cry, You Can Cope! Programme – Sarah Booth
Multi-Agency Pregnancy & Assessment Group (MAPLAG) – Angela South


Safeguarding Children and Young people with Special Educational Needs and Disability, What are the challenges for professionals? Kate Reed and Kim Liddle


Poverty, Child Abuse and Neglect: Interrogating a ‘neglected’ relationship Masterclass – Brid Featherstone
Using the Neglect Toolkit – Karron Zelei
Neglect – Jan Horwath
Child Neglect and Poverty Aware Practice – Dr Susannah Bowyer

Emotional Wellbeing

Brief Introduction to Resilience Framework – Denise Wheatman & Emily Castle
Self-Harm – An animated film by young people NHS Foundation Trust – Made for Tees Esk & Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust
Children & Young People Emotional Well Being – Denise Wheatman & Emily Castle accessing the new children and young people’s support website – Denise Wheatman & Emily Castle
Hunger: A practical resource for family practitioners on physical and emotional hunger – Karen Thomas, Registered Dietitian
Sleep and Health: Optimising sleep potential for physical and emotional wellbeing – Sarah Kendrick


Bullying, Boredom and Problematic Behaviour in School – Dr Elizabeth Nassem

Sexual Abuse

Seen & Heard: Spot the signs of Child Sexual Abuse – A video session lead by children and young people.
Child Sexual Abuse Material (there is no such thing as child pornography)- Vicki Maybin
Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) – Esther Bottomley


Pornography, Impact, Research & Resources – Vicki Maybin
Risk, Resilience & Relationships: Safeguarding Adolescents into Adulthood – Dez Holmes
Safeguarding Teenagers – Sarah Henry
Adolescent Risk, The National Picture – Dez Holmes, Director of Research In Practice


Polyvagal motorway of wellness – Cath Knibbs
Attachment and Trauma informed Practice during adolescent and teenage years into adulthood – Martin Honnor
Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Animation
CHILD TRAUMA: Repl’ACE’ing the context.  What is Child Trauma? What is an ACE? Are they the same? – Cath Knibbs
Supporting school transitions for pupils with insecure attachments during and after COVID-19 – Hilary Hicks
How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) Dr Nadine Burke Harris
Trauma-informed responses in relationship-based practice – Danny Taggart


PREVENT – Michelle Dunne
Forced Marriage & Honour Based Abuse – Kerry Murphy
General Awareness of Modern Slavery – Amy Morris
Child Criminal Exploitation: The Local Picture – Detective Sergeant Charlie Manson
Adolescence Vulnerabilities, Risk and Exploitation  A case study from Children Vulnerable to Exploitation Team – Michelle Leadbetter

Domestic Abuse

Real Life Domestic Abuse Story Ted Talk – Emma Murphy
Why Doesn’t she just Leave? Women’s Refuge – Women’s Refuge
Domestic Abuse & COVID-19 – Anna Tomlinson


Reflective Supervision in a Pandemic
Staff Wellbeing in Education – Wakefield Education Psychology
Multi-agency Safety Planning – SMART Planning – Karron Zelei
Working with Fathers & Male Carers – Martin Honnor
What is MASH? – MASH
Why do we sleep? – Russel Foster
Caring for Your Mental Health: Keeping your cup full – Wakefield Educational Psychology Service
Wakefield Relationship Matters / Reducing Parental Conflict – virtual training session & e learning
Working Together in a virtual world – change, challenge and innovation in safeguarding – Nick Frost
Wakefield’s Approach to Workplace Wellbeing – Lisa Ward
How Restorative Approaches have been used in CYPS and the Story so far… – Elloise Beever
Complexity and Challenge: Triennial analysis of serious case reviews 2014-17 Webinar – Marion Brandon and Peter Sidbotham
Triennial Analysis of SCRs: Briefing for practitioners in targeted early help services
Triennial Analysis of SCRs: Briefing for Children’s social care practitioners
Triennial Analysis of SCRs: Briefing for Local Safeguarding Partnerships
Triennial Analysis of SCRs: Briefing for the police and criminal justice agencies
Triennial Analysis of SCRs: Briefing for education practitioners
Triennial Analysis of SCRs: Briefing for health practitioners
Early Help Support Planning, A case study showing how a SMART Safety Plan was developed to improve outcomes for families – Ellie Cooper
Key Safeguarding Issues for Education (Dec 20) – Vicki Maybin

Safer Working Practice Training for Education staff – Vicki Maybin


Latest information links, advice and flyers on Covid-19 – WSCP

Contextual Safeguarding

Rewriting the Rules of Child Protection – Dr Carlene Firmin
Contextual Safeguarding – Emma Bint
Contextual Safeguarding Network : A range of Short videos & Podcasts – Contextual Safeguarding Network


Webinars from the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE)
Safeguarding adults: Financial exploitation and abuse – Georgina Rushforth

Online Safety

Kids Educating Kids – West Yorkshire Police
Using the Internet Safely – West Yorkshire Police
Online Disinhibition Are the online safety messages we give children realistic? – Alan McKenzie
How to use YouTube settings – Alan McKenzie
Captology – How gaming companies lure you in – Alan McKenzie
Criticism and Empathy online – Alan McKenzie
The Dark Web, Explaining some of the Mysteries – David Tidman
Safer Schools – Safer Schools


Parents against Child Sexual Exploitation (PACE)
ECPAT UK Training on Child Trafficking

Wakefield CAMHS Virtual Workforce Development Training

An introduction to child and adolescent mental health
Supporting children and young people who have experienced bereavement or loss
Understanding and working with anxiety in children and young people
The impact of sleep on emotional wellbeing


West Yorkshire Police & Crime Commissioner

Mark Burns Williamson and Detective Superintendent Chris Gibson link


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