Substances and Legal Highs

Drug or alcohol problems (sometimes also called substance abuse or misuse) is a pattern of harmful behavior involving the misuse or overuse of substances for mood-altering purposes. This means that the drug or alcohol changes how a person behaves.  In order to understand drug and or alcohol use it is important to be clear about what we mean by the terms “drugs” and “alcohol” and what are the differences and similarities between them.  The internet is a useful place to find information to increase awareness and listed below are some useful websites.


CGL (change, grow, live) in Wakefield can offer 1 to 1 support and advice and information to parents/carers and professionals.

Stephen Yates – 07407 115 046 / 0808 169 8711  (search under Wakefield)

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Here you can view links to website for information and support.

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