Sexual Abuse

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Spot the signs of child sexual abuse – Seen & Heard link

When a sexually abused or exploited young person has something to tell, they need to be Seen and Heard.  A fantastic training resource designed by Department of Health and the Children’s Society, facilitated by children and young people.

60 mins

The key messages are;

  • Understand what may be behind ‘the naughty child’
  • Understand how to deal with disclosures appropriately
  • Be professionally curious


  • The 20 min video contained within this video presentation is very hard hitting. It deals with the issue of sexual abuse within the family. Please give your staff a pre-warning about this (not to do if they have had a difficult day!) and include the NAPAC adult survivors of abuse email address as well as your contact details if they need to talk to someone after the course.
  • There is some swearing
  • It is written from a health perspective but is very relevant for all staff.

Children Society


Child Sexual Abuse Material link

We know access to Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) has more than doubled globally during the COVID-19 crisis! This will provide an overview from the perspective of work of the Internet Watch Foundation.

45 mins

 Vicki Maybin, Advisor to Education, Wakefield Safeguarding Children Partnership


Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) link

  • What is Child Sexual Exploitation?
  • What should you look for?
  • How can we HELP?
  • What is the RESPECT programme?
  • 16 mins

 Esther Bottomley – Spectrum Community Health CIC

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