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Poverty, Child Abuse and Neglect – Interrogating a ‘neglected relationship’ Masterclass link

Outline of Presentation

  • Defining poverty and inequality
  • Child Welfare Inequalities project: findings and implications
  • Some of the elephant traps in this area
  • 56 mins

Brid Featherstone

Professor of Social Work, Department of Behavioural and Social Sciences Associate Director, Centre for Applied Childhood, Youth and Family Research. She joined the University of Huddersfield in October 2015 as Professor of Social Work. Brid then qualified as a social worker and worked in the field of social work from 1982-1992. She has been involved in social work education and research since then and has worked at universities in Ireland, England and Germany.


Using the Neglect Toolkit link

Learning outcomes

By the end of the session participants will:

  • Understand what neglect looks like in a family.
  • Have been introduced to the Neglect Toolkit with guidance on how to use it.
  • Understand what to do next with the Toolkit within your organisation.
  • 40 mins

Karron Zelei, WSCP Training Coordinator


Neglect a series of short videos by Jan Horwath

Understanding the Lived Experience of Neglected Children and Young People During Lockdown: The First Step to Effective Intervention link

14 mins

Living with Disorganised Neglect During Lockdown: Implications for Practice During the ‘New Normal’ link

13 mins

Living with Emotional Neglect During Lockdown: Implications for Practice During the ‘New Normal’ link

7 mins

Living with Depressed, Passive and Physical Neglect During Lockdown: Implications for Practice During the ‘New Normal’ link

7 mins

Jan Horwath is Emeritus Professor of Child Welfare in the Department of Sociological Studies at the University of Sheffield. She joined the University of Sheffield in 1995 holding positions including Head of Social Work, Director of Research and Head of Department. Previously, she worked for the Department of Health Child Abuse Training Unit. Since Jan became an Emeritus Professor in 2015 her research and writing has focused on child neglect and ensuring the lived experience of the child is central to safeguarding management and practice.


Key Note Speech at the WSCP Winter Conference – Child Neglect and Poverty Aware Practice starts on the conference recording at 7 minute, 40 seconds video link  slides link

Dr Susannah Bowyer, Assistant Director Research in Practice 

Susannah Bowyer is Assistant Director of Research in Practice on the child and family side of the business.

Operational lead on network engagement and partnership support; Quality assurance and senior editorial lead on learning events; monthly research and policy updates, research scopes and evidence-informed briefings in various formats for a range of audiences. Project lead on a range of commissioned research and evaluation activities.

​The presentation draws together key messages from a range of research, practice expertise and the voices of families on developing poverty aware practice in response to concerns about child neglect.

Following the presentation there was questions and answers.

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