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Please remember to complete an evaluation form link and email to: wscpevents@wakefield.gov.uk



Key themes:

  • Notice
  • Check
  • Share
  • 31 mins

Michelle Dunne, Community Cohesion and Performance Officer, Wakefield Council


Forced Marriage & Honour Based Abuse link

 By the end of the session you will be able to

  • Define Honour Abuse & Forced Marriage
  • Detect signs of Honour Abuse and Forced Marriage
  • Use the appropriate safeguarding pathways
  • List where to get additional information, support and resources
  • 45 mins

 Kerry Murphy, Community Cohesion Manager, Wakefield Council


General Awareness of Modern Slavery link

 This session will cover the Modern Slavery Act, types of modern slavery, vulnerabilities and control methods used by traffickers as well as a brief overview of the National Referral Mechanism which offers support to any potential victim identified.

61 mins

Amy Morris, West Yorkshire Police, Modern Slavery Training and Partnerships Officer


Child Criminal Exploitation: The Local Picture link

An overview of County Lines, including who is vulnerable, signs to look for, the terminology used and an overview of what’s happening in Wakefield.

Video links:

Grooming young people is big business to this man link

The Cycle Continues link

Home Office, County Lines guidance link

The Children’s Society, what is County Lines? link

This is Money, ‘Deets and Squares’ article on children bank account scams link

West Yorkshire Police, Programme Precision link

Charlie Manson, Detective Sergeant at West Yorkshire Police


Adolescence Vulnerabilities, Risk and Exploitation link

A case study from Children Vulnerable to Exploitation Team

Michelle Leadbeater, Team Manager – Children Vulnerable to Exploitation at Wakefield Council

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