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Webinars from the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) link

 Mental Capacity Act (MCA) training webinar series

The Mental Capacity Act 2005 (MCA) is designed to protect and restore power to individuals who may lack capacity to make certain decisions, at a particular time. We know that those in society most at risk of COVID-19 – older people, and people with existing long-term health conditions – are likely to be over-represented in the group of people whose rights and freedoms are protected by the MCA.

The Department of Health and Social Care has asked SCIE to develop a series of webinars to support you and your team to understand the MCA and gain an understanding of what it means in practice. Each week we will explore a different aspect of the MCA. Attend one-off sessions to refresh your learning in a particular area or sign up to all five for a complete overview and introduction to the Act.

Maximising the benefits of remote learning, each webinar will provide:

  • a presentation from an expert in the MCA
  • a forum for sharing ideas
  • Q&A opportunities to discuss the MCA-related challenges that you are facing.

Beyond COVID-19: What social care ought to be like in the future

Ossie Stuart, SCIE trustee and equality and diversity consultant, discusses rethinking what social care means and who delivers it, and the lessons learned from COVID-19.

Safeguarding in faith-based organisations during the COVID-19 crisis

SCIE hosted a Q&A webinar on the safeguarding implications of COVID-19 for those working in faith-based organisations, with presenters from SCIE and Reshet. Learn more about the unique challenges faced by these organisations, and how to overcome them.

End care settings being used as incubators for COVID-19 – SCIE statement

The Care Quality Commission COVID-19 Insight report concludes that that more than a third (36%) of care homes had been affected by COVID-19 as of 10 May. Read SCIE Chief Executive Kathryn Smith’s response to the report.

Safeguarding adults training webinar – information sharing and safeguarding

Safeguarding is everyone’s business and it is now more important than ever that those entering or returning to practice as well as those already in frontline roles understand the basics.


Safeguarding Adults: Financial exploitation and abuse link

The objectives are:

  • To increase knowledge of Financial Abuse under The Care Act 2014 and how to identify it.
  • How to identify fraud.
  • To look at how as professionals, we can safeguard vulnerable adults we work with from financial abuse and exploitation.
  • To address the stigma attached to being scammed and how we can change this.
  • To explore the wider impact of financial abuse.
  • To outline the role of WYFEAT and the referral process in detail.
  • Outline what practical measures are available to victims in order combat financial abuse.
  • 70 mins

 Georgina Rushforth, Safeguarding officer West Yorkshire Financial Exploitation and Abuse Team (WYFEAT) Protecting Communities

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