Domestic Abuse

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Survivor Ted Talk – Real Life Domestic Abuse Story link

  • This speech is based on the Domestic Violence video that has been viewed over 50 million times and the aftermath of her assault.
  • Emma is now focusing on the positive impact these developments have had in her life. Emma Murphy is a 28-year-old fitness blogger and single mother of two.
  • In 2015, she faced repeated domestic battery from her ex-boyfriend and father of her children. After one such incident that left her with a black eye, she decided to take to social media, where she posted a vulnerable video of herself telling the world about the abuse, deceit, lies and betrayal she was going through.
  • In doing so, she consciously turned the terror of being a victim into a positive situation, refusing to let domestic violence diminish or define her as a person.
  • Emma is now a Domestic Violence Advocate, travelling the world to raise awareness for women and children who cannot speak for themselves.
    12 mins

Emma Murphy


Why doesn’t she just leave? link 

For victims of domestic abuse it may take many attempts to finally achieve safety. On average it takes a victim 7 attempts to leave an abuser.

2 mins

Women’s Refuge, through our 2019 Winter Campaign is taking on this very issue – “Why doesn’t she just leave?” This question is often posed to Women’s Refuge, and our campaign aims to explain why so much professional and knowledgeable support is required when a victim of family violence decides to leave.

Women’s Refuge


Domestic Abuse and COVID-19 link

A brief PowerPoint with some video input from the trainer which will provide:

  • A domestic abuse refresher – how we define it and what constitutes abuse
  • A look at how COVID-19 may have impacted on victims of domestic abuse
  • What support is available during the pandemic – how have services adapted
  • The presentation will include links to further information
  • 35 mins

Anna Tomlinson, Domestic Abuse Early Intervention Specialist, Wakefield Council


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