Substances & Legal Highs

Drugs and How to talk about them:

  • Where to start
  • keep your cool
  • Encourage conversation
  • Discuss the risks

Children are less likely to take drugs than try alcohol. But like with alcohol, it’s better to talk with your child early.

How to talk to your child or young personĀ about taking drinking:

  • Start talking early
  • Find out what they know
  • Discuss the risks
  • Set boundaries

Here are a few links for information and support.

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Worried about a child’s drinking?

Although it’s fairly common for teenagers to try alcohol before they are 18 years old, it’s not normal for them to:

  • get drunk regularly
  • drink in excess while they’re alone
  • be dependent on alcohol.

A doctor may be able to refer your child on to treatment services and offer support to you or other family members. Or you can get help using Drinkline.

Drinkline: 03001231110

Worried about drugs?

If you’re worried about your child’s behaviour, you could speak to your GP. They’ll be able to:

  • refer your child for local support and treatment services
  • refer them for counselling
  • talk to you about how you or other family members are coping.

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