My Sexting Story

Jack's Story

I thought it was just a bit of fun!

How wrong can you be?

How it all started

All my mates shared their hot pics, it was just expected. Almost like a badge of honour. If you didn’t have hot pics of your latest partner to show your mates then you got ribbed something rotten. It didn’t mean anything, it was just what we did.

I’d been going with Amy for while and the lads were always ribbing me that she can’t like me very much as I didn’t have “hot pics” of her. I really liked Amy and to be honest we were really into each other so I didn’t want to share any of the sexts she sent me as she’d made me promise not let anyone else see them. I liked the fact they were just for me.

I was getting really fed up with being pestered by the lads and they were always poking fun saying they bet she never sent me any. In truth I had quite a few and in the end they just got to me so I shared just one of the sexts with them.

My lowest point

What a mistake that was!

I never even gave it a thought that they might also forward it on to anybody else as it wasn’t a big deal. I just wanted to shut them up. Only problem was Danny decided to send it to everyone at school. I was mortified I knew as soon as Amy saw it she’d go mad.

At first she wouldn’t speak to me, and then she really laid into me, calling all sorts of names and shouting at me. But the worst bit was when she started to cry! She couldn’t believe I would do such a thing and when I tried to explain she just dumped me and told me she hated my guts and would never speak to me again.

Later that day Amy’s mum rang my mum and told her what had happened. I got a right earful from my mum, she was fuming that I’d done something so stupid. But the worst of it was that she didn’t shout at me or get angry with me, instead she sat me down and calmly explained how disapointed she was in me. How would I feel if it had been the other way round? Why would I want to hurt Amy like this? Was I really so easily influenced by my so called friends? I was like being hit with a hammer. I’d let everyone down, my mum, myself and most of all Amy. And for what? Just to stop the lads goading me.

Learning a valuable lesson

Amy still won’t speak to me and it’s been well over a year now. The pictures I sent are now long forgotten by most people as other victims of sexts have come and gone.

It’s something l will always remember as one of my biggest mistakes. How could I have done something so stupid that really hurt the only girl I really liked. I’d blown it, big style and I couldn’t blame Amy for having nothing to do with me anymore. When I think of the humilation she went through at the  time, I just count myself lucky that her parents didn’t take it any further. I could quite easily have ended up with a criminal record for having and sharing indecent images.

My message to everyone now is THINK BEFORE YOU SEXT. Before you press send remember once its gone you’ve lost control of where it goes next.

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