Training for Education

From September;

Please book training as normal. Face to face basic level all staff training has been replaced with a pre recorded Zoom session. (which has evaluated very well).  DSL courses, refresher and initial, are continuing to run face to face and are available to book on the Traded Services website.

Safer Working Practice SWP Training is now also available as a pre recorded 1 hr session.

For FREE CPD options please see; training links/videos at the bottom of this page (includes Mental Health training), the usual online multi agency training offer, the 7 min guides in the Resources section, the session KCSIE 2020 What’s New?(emailed to all DSL’s) and info below;

Are you taking advantage of the high quality, free, multi agency training on offer here in Wakefield?!

There is a wealth of FREE virtual recorded training in the recent Safeguarding Week offer (see link on blue banner at very top of screen), the following may be useful for inset days;

Prevent (30 mins)/Seen and Heard (1 hr) – sexual abuse, trauma, disclosures/Caring for your Mental Health (50 mins)/ An Intro to County Lines (45 mins)/ Risk, Resilience and Relationships – Safeguarding Adolescents (30 mins)/Online Safety videos (5 mins) /Domestic Abuse and Covid 19 (35 mins)/ Intro to the Resilience Framework (25mins)/Safeguarding SEND children (30mins)/Motorway of Wellness (16mins)/ Pornography- research and resources (45 mins) and much much more!! (please remember to issue an emotional health warning and be prepared to provide support to staff if required)

DSL’s are also strongly advised to view the  FREE Wakefield Neglect Toolkit presentation and SMART planning.

From March – July 2020;

For All Staff training – a link has been emailed out to DSL’s – 1 hr Seen and Heard program – sexual abuse and how trauma affects behaviour. This is a free, top up to compliment the usual All Staff basic level refresher training (this link is available under the Safeguarding Week offer). If you had basic face to face training booked for staff in these months, alternative read through versions will be sent out and certificates are available to add to staff training record.

Free Emergency/ Bare bones of Initial DSL training is available – please contact the safeguarding advisor directly. It is envisaged that this is needed where there are no DSL’s available (e.g. due to sickness) and you cannot get DSL support from other schools. It will also be useful for those who were due to attend the initial DSL training which was postponed in this time period , to serve as an introduction. NB It is not suitable as a DSL refresher.

If your DSL training is about to run out, carry on as usual. The refresher deadline is waivered in these times(first lock down). However free DSL training top ups have been sent out via email to add to your training record – County Lines and Overview of National Lessons Learnt in Serious Cases (Neglect/poverty/adolescents/info sharing/working together). Both sessions are available under the Safeguarding week offer.

Safeguarding Week 2020 Lots of free virtual training/podcasts still available.  No booking required .   See link on blue banner at very top of screen.

We no longer refer to levels of training for education staff. All staff need basic training and DSL’s need advanced training.

Basic Awareness training should be refreshed, by a face to face session, for ALL school staff (compare sign in sheet to full staff list) every 2 years. Contact Advisor directly – see Read More. Please also update staff regularly in staff briefings etc. and note this in your safeguarding training file.

FREE Online training offer – see below. Can be used in the year in between face to face training or to top up certain topics.

DSL Designated Safeguarding Lead Training -Advanced. This is refreshed every 2 years, with evidence of at least annual updates, through forums, additional courses, reading emails etc. Courses do fill quickly so please book in plenty of time. Initial DSL training in Wakefield is a 2 day course. Refresher DSL training is 1 day course. DSL’s are also strongly encouraged to do 1 day ‘Working Together – a shared responsibility’ (this can be done immediately alongside the initial DSL course or in the year in between DSL refresher courses) and ‘Signs of Safety/assessing for early help’ courses (currently under development, please speak to your schools link hub worker for support  and see the recording on SMART planning). DSL’s will also need Prevent training – options are online or face to face through multi agency program or Home Office – see useful links. Please do not use e learning DSL training as your main DSL course, objectives cannot be fully nor effectively covered at this level by this type of course alone.

FREE DSL forums – see Read More

FREE Safer Working Practices 1 hr session – contact advisor directly for access to the recording

FREE Mental Health/Suicide training – see Useful links below/ multi agency training / Eventbrite website – search Wakefield Mental Health

FREE Online Bullying/Safety training – see useful links

Governor training – see Wakefield Traded Services website/ contact advisor directly

Safer Recruitment – See Wakefield Traded Services website/multi agency training program

FREE Signs of Safety/assessing for early help – anyone in the school working with families and/or attending cp meetings/Early help meetings needs this training – see multi agency training  (NB currently being updated to now incorporate the wider Connecting Practice approach in Wakefield, please speak to you schools link hub worker/ see SMART planning recording)

FREE Multi agency – including Prevent/ Supervision skills/Allegations against Staff (for head teachers and chair of governors)/ Working Together-A Shared Responsibility/ Online safety and cyber bullying/Domestic Abuse/Criminal Exploitation/Impact of Porn etc. etc. see Multi Agency Training – useful links

FREE LAC (CIC) teacher training – See Read More

FREE Contextual/Extra Familial Safeguarding;

FREE Bereavement training for school staff;

FREE Trauma and ACES training;

FREE Prevent training;

Free Harmful Sexual Behaviour HSB training – see useful links


Read More

Basic Awareness

As Safeguarding is such a vital part of everyone’s role, ALL school staff should receive basic awareness training which is regularly updated. There is an expectation that staff receive regular updates. Local advice is that there should be a face to face training session every 2 years with online learning and staff briefings/newsletters used in between.

Objectives of the basic awareness face to face training are:

  • Define safeguarding and abuse in a school context and recognise Trauma Informed Practice.
  • Name and define the categories of abuse and recognise current signs and indicators
  • Identify vulnerable groups and current issues. (for example Mental Health Issues, Domestic Abuse,  HBA, Safeguarding Issues outside the home e.g. online safety, radicalisation, CSE, CCE, Peer on Peer)
  • Consider lessons learnt for schools in Serious Cases.
  • State how to respond to concerns using school policy and procedures – safeguarding, whistleblowing, code of conduct (including best practice – disclosures, recording and information sharing)
  • Consider the local Wakefield picture.
  • Reflect on professional boundaries and attitudes.

The minimum timescale to effectively achieve these objectives is 3 hrs. Site staff training can be made shorter or delivered in house by the DSL.

Refresher training  is available but only for those who have had training from the advisor previously. This is 2 hrs. Secondary schools please contact advisor to discuss need and timings.

All are welcome to attend this course but please bear in mind there is specific strategic Governor training available see below.

DSLs  / Headteachers and other senior staff are expected to keep up to date with basic awareness training.

If DSL’s are delivering this level of training in house please consult the TNA provided by Vicki Maybin before design and delivery to ensure appropriate objectives are covered. The advisor is also available for support and Quality Assurance if needed. Please also ensure that you are hitting the recognised national minimum standards for safeguarding training – available from the Advisor.

Session numbers

For training to be effective, the maximum number in one session is limited to 25. This allows for effective group work, discussions, exploration of particular issues, or attitudes, and testing of skills. The minimum number is 8. If numbers are significantly above 25 please note you will receive a lecture rather than training.

For a briefing session (for example, 1 hour) there is no limit on numbers. However please consider what you need to achieve from the session. Objectives will be limited and there will be no opportunity for effective group work and feedback, meaning specific issues, attitudes and skills are unlikely to be fully explored.

It is recommended that the school completes a Training Needs Analysis (TNA -contact Vicki Maybin) before commissioning a briefing session to ensure confidence that the basic awareness objectives have been recently achieved.


£200 training

£300 briefing

Safeguarding – Let’s not hit the target but miss the point!

Due to the subject matter sessions MUST take place in a private area, that is not in an area where pupils or other staff members may walk through.

Having a copy of your safeguarding policy, code of conduct, whistle blowing and recording forms available on the day will assist in message giving to staff.

Tables may be needed for activities, arranged so everyone can clearly see the projector screen.

Projector, screen, speakers are likely to be required.

Safeguarding Advisor for Education – Vicki Maybin

Business Team
Wakefield Safeguarding Children Partnership (WSCP)
Room 59 County Hall
Bond Street


WSCP Online Training

There is also a FREE online basic awareness training course available, Safeguarding Children in Education.

This is through the Wakefield Safeguarding Children Partnership (WSCP). Online learning can be used in the year in between face to face training.

PLEASE NOTE This is free, but there is a cost to the WSCP, so please ensure people do not mistakenly register nor request courses several times without completing.

DSL’s are advised to do the course first and, depending on the staff group, to provide assistance to staff who may not be computer confident.

 If there are any issues please contact the Safeguarding Training  Team:

For national providers offering FREE online courses in Prevent, Anti bullying, Mental Health – see useful links

DSL Training

This must happen every 2 years with regular updates in between (in the form of self reading/ noting emails sent by advisor/ attending DSL forums/multi agency training etc).  DSL training is booked through Wakefield Traded Services.  Due to high demand for courses please do not book onto DSL training every year.

It is strongly advised that all DSL’s also attend Working Together – A Shared Responsibility, and it is necessary to attend Prevent training, these are available through the free multi agency program;

DSL’s will also want to consider other courses on offer through the free multi agency program including Wakefield Neglect toolkit/ SMART planning/ Technology and cyber bullying/ Mental Health Issues/Domestic Abuse/Criminal Exploitation/ Supervision skills/Sexual development of adolescents/ Contributing to case conferences etc.

Please ensure you always have DSL cover in school – i.e. do not have all DSL’s out of school on the same course!

If it has been well over 2 years since DSL training, and you have not kept up to date by other means, please redo the initial DSL course. However if you are only a few months overdue please book onto the next available refresher course, this will not be a problem if you have kept up to date in between courses with forums, reading emails etc.

Please book in plenty of time as DSL courses do fill quickly. Please book by clicking here any issues please ring 01977 721522.

Do not use E Learning training for this level of course, DSL objectives cannot be fully nor effectively covered by this type of training.

DSL Forums; 4pm – 6pm (Flyers with booking details sent via email)

To be held at a host school, topics and booking details to be announced via email and I point.

  • Thursday 24th October 2019 – Harmful Sexual Behaviour HSB. Children Missing. Children Vulnerable to Exploitation CVE team.
  • Tuesday 3rd December 2019 – Bullying. Trauma.Future In Mind FIM.
  • Wednesday 5th February 2020 – CSE. Safer Internet. Operation Encompass.
  • Thursday 26th March 2020 – CANCELLED – gov. advice coronavirus
  • Tuesday 12th May 2020 – CANCELLED gov. advice coronavirus
  • Tuesday 9th June 2020 CANCELLED gov. advice coronavirus.

Past forum topics have included Drug Services, Prevent, CSE, CCE and County Lines, Dealing with Suicide, Young Gamblers, Contextual Safeguarding Network, Domestic Abuse, Young Carers.

Governor Training

Please see Wakefield Traded Services webpage.

For full governing body training at your school please contact the advisor directly. This is a 2.5 hr course.

Safer Recruitment

Please see traded services webpage/multi agency program

SMART planning/Prevent etc.

Please see multi-agency training programme

Allegations against staff training

For headteachers (who are named as the case manager in statutory guidance).  Please see multi agency training programme

NB for school specific guidance please see useful links.

Additional or periodic training

Half day face to face training or day conferences are occasionally held in response to current issues, open to all staff. In the past this has included Suicide awareness, CSE awareness and Domestic Abuse DASH risk assessment. There is also the annual WSCP Engagement with Education sessions and Safeguarding Week.

Promoted via email and iPoint.

Looked After Children CIC Teacher Training

Training contact – The Virtual School
01924 303487





Contact us

Safeguarding Advisor for Education – Vicki Maybin

Business Team
Wakefield Safeguarding Children Partnership (WSCP)
Room 59 County Hall
Bond Street


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