Early Help Register

Early Help Register

The Early Help Register is now ‘live’. We have switched off the WeCAF system which was not used to it’s full potential.

Information early help agencies record on the Register will be used to analyse and identify the range and level of early help to better target support and services to where they are most needed.

The Register is not a referral and will not hold the full assessment ,so it doesn’t require a log in / password and is very accessible and secure. Click here to access the Early Help Register

If you are providing additional support for a child or family, or to determine additional support, please then complete an Early Help Assessment.  This can be your own internal Early Help Assessment (EHA), a Common Assessment Framework (CAF), Signs of Safety (SoS) mapping – or a template which is currently being developed that agencies may wish to adopt. 

If you don’t have an EHA process or document in place, please contact the Children First Hubs who can offer support with this.


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