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Did you know that on March 16th (Young Carers Action Day!) the free Young Carers Support App went live in its beta form (this means this is shared with a limited number of users for it to be tested). This App is now available on both Apple and Android. Why not download it now and check it out?!

You can access the app by searching ‘Young Carers Support App’ in the app store (produced by Expert Self Care Ltd) or by clicking the appropriate link below:

ANDROID   https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.expertselfcare.youngcarers&gl=GB

APPLE         https://apps.apple.com/us/app/young-carers-support-app/id1556955591

In order for a final version to be launched in May 2021 – we need to gather feedback and views from young carers and those colleagues who may be signposting young carers to the app.

Professionals across the West Yorkshire & Harrogate Partnership are working together and have already shared the App with a wide range of services who support young carers. But most importantly we want to make sure as many young carers test it out and provide us with their feedback – as you guys are the experts and can tell us if we have managed to get it right and help to make improvements!

We have created a survey. Please test out the App and then complete the survey here by the 16th April.

All your feedback and comments will help to make the app the most useful resource it can be.


There will be lots of opportunities to contribute to the design of the App and its contents. If you are creative and think you could create some images / artwork or have something to say that you think other young carers should know – then we want to hear from you!!

If you would like to register your interest in being more involved in other aspects of the App development project please contact Emma Newton for more information.

Wakefield Young Carers Lead – Emma Newton

Email: emmanewton@wakefield.gov.uk or Whatsapp: 07500 911 387



Wakefield Young Carers Service are undergoing a number of exciting developments following the creation of a new post  – “Young Carers Lead Practitioner.” Please review the Professionals Newsletter attached which details the new changes and exciting developments that are planned for the Wakefield Young Carers Service. If you are not yet familiar with the Young Carers Pathway please familiarise yourself with it here.


In addition, the Wakefield Young Carers Service have created a series of newsletters aimed at young carers, with a special focus on support during the lockdown. These newsletters will be available to download from the following websites:

Wakefield Council Early Help – http://earlyhelp.wakefield.gov.uk/

Wakefield Youth Service – http://wfyouth.co.uk/

Wakefield Safeguarding Partnership – See documents below

Practitioners will be able to print them and share with the families they are supporting. The newsletters will also be promoted through WMDC social media (Facebook/ Twitter) channels where families can access the information directly.

As you all may be well aware, many children will have become young carers during lockdown – after taking on new or additional responsibilities at home. Please take a moment to review these newsletters and consider if they could be useful to any young carers you are supporting or any children and young people who may recently have taken on new / additional responsibilities at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Below is an overview of what each newsletter contains & the target audience.


  1. Young Carers: Creative Lockdown Ideas & Activities* – Aimed at children under 11. Contains creative activities and ideas for keeping active. Includes fun websites for games and crafts.
  2. Young Carers: Top Tips for Surviving Lockdown – Aimed at young people 11+. Provides information about where to get help with links to resources for young people during this difficult time.
  3. Young Carers: Top Tips for Surviving Lockdown – Aimed at young people under 11. Provides information about where to get help with links to resources for young people during this difficult time.
  4. Health & Wellbeing Newsletter (June 2020)* – Aimed at young people 11+. Contains top tips on how to look after yourself during lockdown with links to useful websites.
  5. Coronavirus Bulletin (June 2020)* – Find out what help is available for you and your family during lockdown. Check you are getting the support you are entitled to. Includes helpful phone numbers and some great websites and apps for young people.
  6. Wakefield Young Carers Service Newsletter (June 2020) – Aimed at professionals. Find out about the latest updates relating to the Wakefield Young Carers Service.

* contain information that is relevant to all WMDC families.

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