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Child Death Overview Panel

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What is the child death review process?

Since 1 April 2008 Local Safeguarding Children Partnerships (formerly Local Safeguarding Children Boards) have been required to review the deaths of all children in their area. The regulations are outlined in Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018: Chapter 5.

The purpose of the child death review process is to collect and analyse information from known agencies about the death of each child who normally resides in Wakefield with a view to identifying any matters of concern affecting the health, safety, or welfare of children, or any wider public health concerns.

Process for reporting a child death

The Wakefield Safeguarding Children Partnership will be asking for all notifications to be made through a new secure online portal.
Please use the following link to access the secure site and make a notification.

What is the rapid response team and the Process for rapid Response?

The Rapid Response Team is a core group of key professionals who come together for the purpose of enquiring into and evaluating each unexpected death of a child. An unexpected death is defined as the death of a child that was not anticipated as a significant possibility 24 hours before the death.

Who evaluates child deaths?

Data is presented to the Child Death Overview Panel which meets every two months.  The panel looks at aspects of each individual case, and the professional agencies that have had involvement, ensuring a thorough investigation of each case to identify

  • how deaths might be prevented in the future;
  • cases giving rise to the need for a serious case review;
  • matters of concern affecting the safety and welfare of children in Wakefield; and
  • any wider public health or safety concerns arising from a particular death or from a pattern of deaths in Wakefield.

Who sits on the Wakefield Child Death Overview Panel?

The panel is made up of senior representatives from a range of agencies including but not exclusive to:

  • Wakefield Public Health
  • West Yorkshire Police
  • H.M Coroner’s Office
  • Wakefield CCG, Primary Care
  • Mid Yorkshire Health Foundation Trust
  • Bradford District Care Foundation Trust
  • Wakefield District Council Children Services

The panel has the option of co-opting a professional if their specialism is appropriate to a particular case.

Local Resources

Details of organisations offering bereavement support services in Wakefield.

WY procedures

National Resources

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